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WARNING: HIGHLY OFFENSIVE MATERIAL: The following North Carolina locations and descriptions are taken from a homosexual “Cruising” website designed to give men specific locations—including parks and public restrooms—on where to go for anonymous sex with other men. We’re not making this up; this twisted site is highly organized and even contains forms for men to report police activity in a given “cruising” location to warn future “cruisers.”

The police know about this “Cruising” website, but most North Carolinians have no idea that an organized online network exists in their state to facilitate such perversions. We have sanitized the descriptions by removing their crude sexual references, but this remains a shocking compendium of organized homosexuality at its extreme worst.
Ultimately, we plan to provide you with additional information for each location so you can alert the police and your local media to this ongoing outrage. We will source the quoted material from this disgusting website as “Homosexual Cruising Site,” or HCS, even though that is not its name. (We do not wish to make the site easy to find.) Locations given are those provided by HCS.
A note on definitions: “Cruisy” means there is frequent homosexual “action” at this location—i.e., men seeking to engage in perverse acts with other men.
“Cruisy toilet”—frequently cited by HCS; usually refers to a public restroom either outdoors or in a store where organized sodomitic liaisons occur.
NORTH CAROLINA ‘Gay Cruising’ Locations

Public Places
Aberdeen Lake Park, off US 1. Cruisy park. Homosexual Cruising Site reports: “When you cross the bridge, follow the trail for ‘Pine Needle Loop’ to the right. You’ll pass a port-a-potty and then it goes into a loop at the end of that trail. This is the cruisy area.”

Wal-Mart Super Center, 250 Turner Street. Cruisy toilet. Open 24 hours. Located just off Highway 1.

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