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Should ‘The Laramie Project’ Play Be Taught in Schools?

Friday, October 31st, 2008

laramie_project.jpgThis article by my friend, Laurie Higgins, Director of School Advocacy at the Illinois Family Institute, deserves wide circulation. Kids are being propagandized relentlessly in our nation’s schools — public and private — and what’s the evangelical church’s response? Soften your approach toward homosexuality — deal with the Church’s “antigay” image problem. We suggest the guilt-ridden Church would be wiser to get back to the life-changing Gospel, stop obsessing about “image,” and deal with the pro-homosexual indoctrination problem among young people. That certainly includes many who identify as Christians but, due to agitprop like The Laramie Project, have drifted away from a Biblical worldview on homosexuality — to the point where they now view “homophobia” as a bigger sin than the homosexual behavior itself. — Peter LaBarbera

This article first appeared on the Illinos Family Institute’s website:

Intolerant “Progressive” Educators

10/30/2008 7:36:00 AM
By Laurie Higgins, DSA Director –Illinois Family Institute

“Propaganda Is To Democracy What A Bludgeon Is To A Totalitarian State.”
~Noam Chomsky

An alumnus of District 113, an affluent school district on the North Shore of Chicago, recently informed Illinois Family Institute that once again public money is being used to fund activities that articulate only one side of the cultural debate on homosexuality.

It’s fascinating to see our “progressive” public educators — our foes of conformity; devotees of diversity; teachers of tolerance; defenders of dissent; spurners of censorship — in action. And they are busy little beavers when it comes to propaganda. When it comes to the sacred cow of homosexuality, the “progressive” educators among us are intolerant, conformist censors, deeply committed to using public funds in the service of eliminating intellectual diversity and silencing dissent from their subversive dogma.

Students in District 113 cannot make it through their freshman year without being exposed to resources that affirm controversial, unproven, and bleakly deterministic theories on the nature and morality of homosexuality. And yet they make it through the entire four years of high school without ever being exposed to a single resource or activity that affirms or articulates conservative views.

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This Is What Prop 8 Is all about

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Californians: Do you want this baby to be taught in school that “two daddies” is morally equivalent to a mom and a dad?


Pro-Prop 8 mom rallies for marriage in San Diego with baby in tow. Proposition 8 would restore the age-old definition of marriage in California as between one man and one woman — overturning a 4-3 California supreme court ruling imposing the radical vision of homosexual “marriage” on that state. Californians who favor keeping marriage as between a man and a woman are urged to vote YES on Prop 8 on Nov. 4 and support Prop 8 HERE“Yes on 8” advocates have made the effect of legalized “same-sex marriage” on schoolchildren the central issue of their campaign. Sadly, pro-homosexual indoctrination of California students began with the proliferation of “sexual orientation” laws — well before the California court’s pro-“gay marriage” decision earlier this year. For a look at what homosexual “marriage” has brought to another state, see Brian Camenker’s article Massachusetts, “What Gay ‘Marriage’ Has Done to Massachusetts.”

Meanwhile, California’s pro-“gay marriage” forces have scrupulously kept images of homosexual couples and those proud “queer marriages” out of their TV ads. We wonder why. Could it be that they understand that the average citizen (as opposed to committed pro-homosexual liberals) is put off by the idea of two men or two women “marrying”? California’s election on Prop 8 will affect the course of the “gay marriage” debate across the country for years to come.

Florida Marriage Advocate Says Anti-Amendment 2 Effort the Dirtiest Campaign He’s ever Seen

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

The following appeal was written by John Stemberger, director of the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment campaign; you can give to the pro-defense of marriage side HERE:

Dear Friend,

In 25 years of working in campaigns I have never seen greater hostility, illegal activity and just stunning vandalism by the opponents of Amendment 2.

Since I last reported it to you, they are now stooping lower than low.  And tonight at midnight is the legal deadline for you to make a contribution to do something about it.

The most recent poll commissioned by Bay News 9 has us now with 59% of Floridians in support of 2 —only 1% away from the 60% we need to win. And because we are so very close the opposition has become more desperate than ever because even their own fraudulent messages trying to scare senior citizens are not working.  So they are resorting to anything goes –despicable campaigning.

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Help Preserve REAL Marriage in California by Supporting Prop 8

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

[Folks, we have heard that it is hit and miss when it comes to giving to Protect Marriage through their website, so keep on trying if you can’t get your donation through the first time!]

Dear Americans For Truth Readers,

This note is from my friend, Pastor Rick Barnard of Morris, Illinois, relaying an urgent message from Proposition 8 in California – which will decide whether marriage between a man and a woman will be restored in California. As you can read below, the left-wing Hollywood power elites are working hard to defeat Prop 8 – but they do not represent the people of California.  You and I can help defend and preserve REAL marriage in this influential state.  A victory in California will send pro-marriage reverberations across the nation.  Go to the Prop 8 website at to support this vital amendment to restore marriage!  God bless, Peter LaBarbera,

P.S. Click here on this link to read about Pastor Rick Warren’s endorsement of Prop 8: “Pastor Rick Warren Comes Out Strongly for Prop 8 in California”


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

If you want to help restore the sanctity of marriage in California and thus help protect it for our entire nation, I urge you to go to this website and donate to help pass Proposition 8, the California Marriage Amendment.  The pro-homosexual forces and many corporations are pouring millions of dollars into the campaign to defeat this Amendment, but we can counter that with our donations.  (See the forwarded e-mail below from  And let us pray fervently for the passage of this Amendment and the similar Marriage Amendments in Arizona and Florida.

Make a donation at

Pastor Rick Barnard

Dear Friend,

This is it.

Right now, we are making the final decisions on where best to expend our resources to win next week. And since our campaign manager Frank Schubert sent you this urgent appeal to save the institution of marriage, thousands of you have generously donated $1,138,134 online through Combined with our $1 million matching challenge (which has now been met – thank you!), we are within sight of our $3 million goal.

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Pastor Rick Warren Comes Out Strongly for Prop 8 in California

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

“Every culture for 5,000 years and every religion for 5,000 years has said the definition of marriage is between one man and a woman”

rick_warren_prop_8.jpgCheck out Pastor Rick Warren’s video statement in support of the proposed California Prop 8 amendment to preserve the age-old definition of marriage: I have something to say about the media coverage of homosexual “marriage” issue during the presidential campaign — and the key distinctions between the candidates’ positions that were not clarified for the public — but I have to wait until after the election to say it (due to IRS rules for non-profits). Until then, thanks to Pastor Warren for defending truth on this vital issue. — Peter LaBarbera,

Tony Perkins of Family Research Council Action writes (emphasis added):

With one week to shore up support for Proposition 8, our friends in California got a much-needed boost from best-selling author and pastor Rick Warren. Nationally known for his book The Purpose Driven Life, the popular founder of Saddleback Church announced his unequivocal support for traditional marriage in a video message to supporters. In it he says, “We support Proposition 8. And if you believe what the Bible says about marriage, you need to support Proposition 8. …[T]he universal, historic definition of marriage [is] one man and one woman, for life. And every culture for 5,000 years and every religion for 5,000 years has said the definition of marriage is between one man and a woman. …This is not even just a Christian issue, it is a humanitarian and human issue, that God created marriage for the purpose of family, love and procreation. I urge you to support Proposition 8 and to pass that on.”

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What ‘Gay Marriage’ Has Done to Massachusetts

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Folks, this is an outstanding piece by my good friend Brian Camenker – who is in my view the most principled and effective pro-family advocate in (the People’s Republic of) Massachusetts.  Please read it carefully and disseminate it as widely as possible.  This is also a tutorial of sorts on the cascading ill effects of a state embracing homosexuality as a “civil right.”  Please support the fine work of MassResistance. God bless.—Peter LaBarbera,

P.S. Check out this AFTAH article to see the face of real diversity, as people of various ethnicities and religions unite to oppose a homosexual “special rights” law in Hamtramck, Michigan.


Oct. 21, 2008

MassResistance Update

“In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
– George Orwell

What same-sex “marriage” has done to Massachusetts

It’s far worse than most people realize

by Brian Camenker

[Note: As the debate on this issue rages in states across the country, most people are unaware of what’s really happened here. Get ready for an eye-opener.]

Anyone who thinks that same-sex “marriage” is a benign eccentricity which won’t affect the average person should consider what it has done in Massachusetts. It’s become a hammer to force the acceptance and normalization of homosexuality on everyone. And this train is moving fast. What has happened so far is only the beginning.

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Muslims, Catholics, Buddhists, Evangelicals and Hindus Unite Against Hamtramck Gay-rights Ordinance

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Hamtramck Citizens Voting NO to Special Rights Discrimination


Click on photo to enlarge. Opposition to homosexuality- and gender-confusion-based “sexual orientation” laws is something that all committed religious people can agree on — because these laws invariably oppress religious people’s freedom to live out their beliefs. At right is multi-religious, multi-ethnic rally held Oct. 12 in Hamtramck, Michigan against a proposed “gender identity”-inclusive homosexual law.

Press Release
Contacts: Jay McNally: 734 717-1174; Fr. Andrew Wesley: 313 892-1310;
Akm Rahman: 313 293-7343; e-mail:

Dear Readers,

It always strikes me as odd to see homosexual activists aligning themselves with American Muslims, who oppose homosexual practice as sinful in accordance with the religion, like faithful Christians and Bible-believing Jews. These photos from a rally in Hamtramck, Michigan reflect the appropriate political/sociological equation against homosexual activism: religious people (and moral people who are irreligious) cannot abide “rights” based on same-sex misbehavior (sin). In fact, as we’re seeing in California (where Christian doctors will now be forced to perform artificial inseminations for lesbians) and across the nation, the very outworking of government-enforced homosexuality-based “rights” is to oppress religious freedom.

Americans will have to decide whether creating aberrant-sex- and gender-confusion-based “rights” — including “same-sex marriage” and its cowardly cousin, “civil unions” — is worth trampling on the historic religious and First Amendment freedoms that have defined the American republic since its beginning.  –Peter LaBarbera,

Here is the Hamtramck Citizens Opposing “Special Rights” press release put out before the rally; under that is an article on the coalition’s website explaining the coalition’s position:


Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu Religious Leaders Speak Out Against Hamtramck Gay-rights Ordinance at campaign rally

HAMTRAMCK (Oct. 10) – Nearly a dozen religious leaders in the City of Hamtramck and a nationally prominent lawyer will speak at a campaign kick-off rally for the group Hamtramck Citizens Voting NO to `Special Rights’ Discrimination.

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Ex-Log Cabin Republican Leader Takes over Pro-Homosexual-‘Marriage’ Effort – Cal. Teachers Ass’n Pledges $1 Million to ‘No on 8’

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Counterfeit marriage campaign pushes hard for $$$ amidst new polls showing Prop 8 ahead

The following was reported by the Gay and Lesbian Leadership SmartBrief regarding the California Marriage Protection Amendment, Proposition 8, and the No on 8 homosexual counter-campaign to defeat it (emphasis is added). Patrick Guerriero, a Massachusetts homosexual activist who used to run the Log Cabin Republicans, is now on loan to “No on 8” from the Gill Action Fund, which has worked to take out Republican pro-family legislators across the nation. All this provides more evidence that Log Cabin, with its tiny membership of 20,000 nationwide, sees its strategic priority as advancing homosexuality first, and the Republican Party second. And what a shocker this: the California Teachers Association and Hollywood elites oppose traditional marriage:

Guerriero: LGBT Californians must give to stop marriage ban

Veteran activist Patrick Guerriero, who is the new director of California’s “No on 8” campaign, said the key to defeating the constitutional marriage ban lies with securing the financial backing of the state’s estimated 1 million LGBT residents. “If every single LGBT adult would, over the next couple of days, make a donation to this campaign, we will win,” he said. “And if they don’t, we will lose.” (10/15)

Hollywood, teachers union muster funds to defeat Proposition 8: Barbra Streisand and actor-director Rob Reiner are among the Hollywood celebrities expected to attend a $25,000-a-plate fundraiser to support the “No on 8” effort on Tuesday at the Los Angeles home of billionaire Ron Burkle. In related news, the California Teachers Association, the state’s largest teachers union, has pledged $1 million to the campaign to defeat the marriage ban, and producer Steve Bing is giving $500,000, the biggest individual donation thus far from the entertainment industry. Yahoo!/Reuters (10/16) , Washington Blade/The Associated Press (10/16) , Variety/Wilshire & Washington blog (10/15) , San Jose Mercury News (Calif.) (10/15)

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