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CNN’s Pro-Homosexual Debate Ploy Backfires

Friday, November 30th, 2007

‘Gay’ Ret. Brig. Gen. Keith Kerr allowed to critique Republican candidates’ answers

brig_gen_keith_kerr.jpg CNN flew in Retired Brig. Gen. Keith Kerr — a homosexual activist and Log Cabin Republicans member who now crusades for allowing admitted homosexuals in the U.S. military — to its GOP presidential debate Wednesday, so he could CRITIQUE the candidates’ responses to his question about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” At left is how Kerr — who calls the GOP candidates “partisanly homophobic” — appeared on video during the CNN/YouTube Republican debate. CNN also had another Log Cabin activist ask a pro-homosexual question at the debate. Photo: CNN/YouTube.

cooper_anderson.jpg CNN’s pro-homosexual presidential debate was moderated by Anderson Cooper. A major homosexual magazine, OUT, has “outed” Cooper as one of the nation’s most influential homosexuals. Though Cooper is mum on his “sexual orientation,” his pro-“gay” bias is abundantly clear at CNN, as it was again at Wednesday’s debate. Homosexual activists would come harder after Cooper if his reportage was not so “gay”-friendly. See AFTAH’s adjoining story, “Does CNN’s Anderson Cooper Have a Conflict of Interest on ‘Gay’ Issues?”

TAKE ACTION: Write CNN News at and/or Anderson Cooper at to comment on their egregious pro-homosexual and anti-Republican bias and lack of professionalism in the CNN/Youtube presidential debate Wednesday.


By Peter LaBarbera,

Dear Americans For Truth Reader,

The liberals over at CNN are so committed to open homosexuality in the U.S. armed forces that they flew in a retired homosexual Brig. Gen. Keith Kerr to participate in their Republican presidential debate Wednesday — so he could critique the GOP candidates’ responses to HIS OWN loaded YouTube question opposing “Don’t’ Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Is it just me, but could you in your wildest imagination picture CNN recruiting Stephen Bennett, a pro-family, EX-“gay” Christian, to ask Democrat presidential candidates a question opposing homosexuality, and then flying him in to critique their responses?

If Kerr’s sneak attack wasn’t bad enough, CNN followed it up a second YouTube question from a homosexual activist — this time it was David Cercone, a Florida Log Cabin Republicans member who, it turns out, is backing [another democratic presidential contender].

Needless to say, no conservative questions on the homosexual issue were heard from the floor or YouTube at the debate.

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Does CNN’s Anderson Cooper Have a Conflict of Interest on ‘Gay’ Issues?

Friday, November 30th, 2007

TAKE ACTION:  Write CNN News at and/or Anderson Cooper at to comment on their egregious pro-homosexual and anti-Republican bias and lack of professionalism in the CNN/Youtube presidential debate Wednesday.

cooper_anderson.jpg CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who moderated CNN’s scandal-ridden, pro-homosexual presidential debate Wednesday, was listed by the homosexual magazine OUT as one of the nation’s most influential homosexuals. Though Cooper is mum on his “sexual orientation,” his pro-“gay” bias is abundantly clear at CNN, as it was again at Wednesday’s debate. Would homosexual “outers” go after Cooper if he were less pro-homosexual in his reporting?

By Peter LaBarbera 

Does Anderson Cooper, who moderated CNN’s woefully biased Republican presidential debate Wednesday — with its planted questions from pro-Democrat partisans, including two homosexual activists — have a conflict of interest when it comes to covering homosexual issues?

Cooper has been the target of periodic “gay” outing speculation but he remains mum on his “sexual orientation.” At CNN, Cooper’s pro-“gay’ sympathies are not hard to discern, as exemplified by his recent grilling of a pro-family spokesman on the question of same-sex parenting.

Homosexual “outing” activists like Mike Rogers target for public exposure alleged “closeted” homosexuals who publicly criticize or act against the homosexual political agenda — while leaving alone those who do not. This puts added pressure on the likes of Cooper to engage in pro-homosexual advocacy. (Ditto for alleged secret homosexual politicians like Rep. David Dreier (R-CA), who recently broke ranks with the GOP House majority by voting FOR the pro-homosexual ENDA bill.)

Rogers told me once that he doesn’t “out” legislators who toe the “gay” line politically. His strategy is illustrated by his note below on his own blog begging for alleged homosexual “outing” targets on Capitol Hill (most of Rogers’ victims have been Republicans):

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me — at — the names of:




2. Staffers of Democrats who are GAY and work for Democrats who FAVOR THE FEDERAL MARRIAGE AMENDMENT or MARRIAGE PROTECTION ACT.

Cooper is not a politician, but the same forces may be at work in his situation. “Outing” remains controversial among homosexuals, but note the word choice of this homosexual letter-writer who is complaining (anonymously) about an article by Michael Musto in the homosexual magazine OUT that labeled Cooper as “gay”: “There was nothing in the article that indicated Mr. Cooper is doing anything against our community that would require an outing.”

Require an outing? Translation: if Cooper were to do a hard-hitting piece against homosexual “marriage” or “gay parenting” — or perhaps if he were to start treating pro-family guests on his CNN “360” program with the same respect he accords pro-homosexual guests — then the “gay” outing machine could swing into action against him, without the polite playfulness characterizing questions about his “orientation” today.

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Small-‘c’ (c)hristianity Cowers Before the H Lobby

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

BOLDNESS: Courage; bravery; intrepidity; without timidity or fear; with confidence … 3. Freedom from timidity; liberty;
SODOMY: a crime against nature;
SODOMITE: … one guilty of sodomy
LIBERTY:Religious liberty, is the free right of adopting and enjoying opinions on religious subjects, and of worshiping the Supreme Being according to the dictates of conscience, without external control.
Definitions found in Noah Webster’s 1828 “American Dictionary of the English Language, republished by the Foundation for American Christian Education; Webster is regarded as the “Founding Father of American Scholarship and Education.”

yvette_-schneider.jpg People like Yvette Schneider who overcame homosexuality through Christ call into question the idea of creating civil rights based on changeable “gayness,” so why are some Christians retreating in the battle against homosexual activism?

By Peter LaBarbera,

Bruce Thornton’s City Journal essay (excerpted at bottom), “Epistle to the Muslims: Christian Leaders Abase Themselves Before Islam,” is an excellent and highly informative piece on the battle between aggressive Islam and enfeebled, appeasing (small-‘c’) christianity.

In reading it, I cannot help but draw the parallels between that georeligious battle and modern Western Christians’ emasculated, guilt-ridden tone on homosexuality — even as homosexuals and their liberal allies move to indoctrinate young schoolchildren with their destructive ideology. Why are Christians and conservatives constantly apologizing for their past and current “sins” on homosexuality — as if WE are responsible for the transformation of a once-taboo perversion into a civil right? 

Why do we continue to promote the fiction that hordes of Christians “hate” homosexuals when the greater tendency (by far) among believers these days is apathy or, worse, to “tolerate” and even approve of changeable homosexual/gender BEHAVIORS when God doesn’t?

This terrific sentence from Thornton’s essay is directly applicable to America’s internal culture wars (dhimmis are non-Muslims living as second-class citizens in Islamic-conquered lands, allowed to practice their religion if they pay special taxes and acknowledge Muslim supremacy; emphasis added):

This appeasing tone of the traditional dhimmi — an unreciprocated solicitude typical of the inferior when dealing with his superior –– suggests once again that the West is spiritually dead, its Christian faith in the hands of those who will not defend it, even in print.

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Classic Headline: Wayne Besen’s ‘Bald-Faced Lie’

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

charlene_cothran_aftah_banquet_1.jpg Charlene Cothran, shown here speaking at Americans For Truth’s banquet in October, proved her own magazine, and radical “gay” activist Wayne Besen, wrong when she gave her life to God and left the homosexual lifestyle. To reach Charlene, write


“Ex-Gay Ministries: A Bald-Faced Lie!”

— headline in article written by homosexual activist Wayne Besen in Venus Magazine, vol. 4, no. 4, 1998. Venus was a magazine devoted to African-American homosexuals, but that changed when Venus’ publisher, Charlene Cothran, left the homosexual lifestyle and dedicated her life — and her magazine — to helping other men and women find freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ. At the time, Besen was associate director of communications for the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s leading homosexual lobby group. Now he runs an outfit called “Truth Wins Out,” dedicated to disparaging ex-“gays” and ministries that help people leave the lifestyle — and, of course, savagely attacking pro-family groups like Americans For Truth.

We’re sure that Besen, as America’s Premiere Anti-Ex-Gay Investigator (APAEGI), has created a file on Charlene, but based on her splendid speech at Americans For Truth’s banquet, his quest to “prove” that her change is not genuine (or perhaps that this former veteran homosexual activist never really was a lesbian…) will be an impossible one. Not that he won’t try, though.


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Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court Strikes Down ‘Hate Crimes’ Law Expansion

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Repent America issued the following release November 15th:  


PHILADELPHIA – The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court in a 4-1 decision today struck down amendments to the state’s “hate crimes” law, declaring that the amendments enacted in 2002 were “unconstitutional and therefore null and void.” The ruling was a victory for Repent America (RA), a Christian evangelistic organization, several of whose members challenged amendments.

“Praise the Lord!” stated RA director Michael Marcavage upon hearing the decision. “This is a victory for constitutional government, so let us be thankful,” he concluded.

The legal challenge to the law, formally known as the Ethnic Intimidation Law, stemmed from the arrests of eleven Christians with RA, who became known as the Philadelphia 11, after they were jailed and charged under the amendments to the law while ministering the Gospel in 2004 at a publicly-funded homosexual event known as “OutFest”. The charges were all later dropped and/or dismissed as being without merit.

Seven defendants in the Philadelphia criminal cases subsequently filed an action in the Commonwealth Court challenging the process by which the amendments to the Ethnic Intimidation statute had been enacted. In particular, the petitioners asserted that the passage of the bill – which originally criminalized agricultural crop destruction but through amendment became the first statute in Pennsylvania history to recognize “sexual orientation” as a protected class – violated various sections of Article III of the Pennsylvania Constitution. Section 1 of Article III prohibits the changing of a bill in the course of its passage through the legislature such that its original purpose is changed. Section 3 of Article III requires that the subject matter of a bill be clearly expressed in its title.

The Court, finding sufficient basis to rule in the petitioners’ favor due to an alteration of purpose of the bill as expressed in its original text, declined to rule on the challenge brought under Article III, section 3. The amendments struck down today would have increased the penalties for various crimes committed with a malicious motivation based upon “actual or perceived . . . ancestry, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity.”

“The legislative process that led to the enactment of these amendments clearly violated Article III of the Pennsylvania Constitution,” stated Aaron Martin, attorney for the Repent America defendants. “The Court rightly found that there was no logical or legal connection between trampling down a hay field and assaulting someone on the basis of sexual orientation,” he concluded.

The Court’s majority opinion was authored by President Judge Emeritus James Gardner Collins, who was joined by Judges Doris A. Smth-Ribner, Dan Pellegrini and Robert Simpson. President Judge Bonnie B. Leadbetter dissented without opinion. The full text of the Court’s opinion can be found by clicking HERE.

VIDEO: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Calls FMA ‘Malicious,’ Hits ‘Voices of Hate’ in Speech to Human Rights Campaign

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

The following is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) speech to the homosexual activist group Human Rights Campaign, at HRC’s annual dinner in Washington, D.C., on October 6, 2007. Speaker Pelosi was awarded the 2007 National Equality Award by HRC, which is the largest homosexual activist group in the world. Under the video screen are some excerpts of Pelosi’s speech, taken from homosexual activist John Aravosis’ Americablog. Aravosis’ transcript is not wholly accurate; we will work on providing an exact transcript of the speech:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video 

Excerpts from Pelosi speech at Human Rights Campaign (HRC) banquet:

“It is a special honor to receive this recognition from HRC and a personal joy to receive it from Jim Hormel. 

“Thank you as well to Joe Solmonese for leading the way and defending the rights of the entire GLBT community. I will display this award with great pride so that everyone knows that HRC and all of you have a friend in the Speaker’s office. …

[Salute to HRC]

“Tonight, we join together in our nation’s capital to celebrate the accomplishments and the courage of the Human Rights Campaign.

“More than 700,000 voices strong, HRC is the prime mover for GLBT rights across America and an inspiration for millions more.

“When Jim Hormel and many other courageous Americans built the foundations of what would become HRC, our struggle for justice was in its early stages. But our cause for justice would not be denied.

“For being a powerful and positive counterbalance to the voices of hate – and for being the hope and salvation of millions of Americans – thank you, HRC. 

[Condemns Federal Marriage Amendment]

“As we strive to work in a bipartisan way, we must also recognize the difference a Democratic Congress makes.

“In the previous Congress, we fought back cynical attempts to enshrine discrimination into the Constitution and defeated the Federal Marriage Amendment.

“In a Democratic Congress, unlike previous Congresses, malicious measures intended to divide the American people or to undermine the rights of the GLBT community are off the table.

“Instead, our Democratic Congress has a positive agenda.

[Transgender-Inclusive Hate Crimes Bill]

“This past May, the House passed Chairman John Conyers’ legislation protecting Americans against violence based on sexual orientation, race, religion, gender, national origin, disability, or gender identity.

“Some doubted that we could pass a hate crime bill if it included protections for transgender Americans.

“But [lesbian Democrat] Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin would not be denied.

“Representatives Baldwin and [homosexual Massachusetts Democrat] Barney Frank fought for a fully inclusive bill. HRC rallied support. And with 237 votes, the House passed hate crimes legislation.

“Just last week, the Senate followed suit with a strong bipartisan vote. Thank you, Harry Reid.

“After 15 long years, we will – for the first time – put this bipartisan hate crimes legislation on the President’s desk. …

[Wants Transgender-Inclusive ENDA]

“As members and supporters of HRC, you understand that it is truly historic that the House of Representatives will soon pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

“The tremendous progress we have would not have been possible without the great leadership of  Chairman Barney Frank of Massachusetts [D]. With his brilliance, his wit and legislative skill, he persevered in bringing ENDA before the Congress.

“America is a great and wealthy country, but we cannot afford to squander the talents of any of our citizens, nor should we.

“We all benefit if everyone gets a chance to work hard, and support their families.

“Yet today, in more than 30 states you can be fired for being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

“That is wrong. Federal action is needed, and it is long overdue.

“I strongly believe that transgender individuals deserve the same rights and the same protections as any other Americans and will work to see that ENDA also protects their rights.

“In a few weeks, the House will be voting on ENDA. And those who oppose us will be lobbying on the Hill and working to defeat any version of ENDA. We cannot allow the forces of discrimination succeed.

“Barney Frank, Tammy Baldwin and others will do the inside maneuvering. But we cannot succeed without outside mobilization. Working together, we will mobilize, and educate. Each and every one of us must take personal responsibility for passing the strongest possible ENDA – one vote at a time.

“History teaches us that progress on civil rights is never easy. But justice is inevitable. It’s about time.

“Many saw the 1957 Civil Rights Act as not having done enough, but it helped lay the groundwork for the great Civil Rights Act that followed.

“On the occasion of receiving the HRC Equality Award, I give you my commitment as Speaker of the House that I will fight for the most inclusive ENDA possible so that our nation’s laws are in harmony with our nation’s ideals.

[Praises San Francisco’s ‘Tolerance’]

“I accept this honor tonight on behalf of the many members of Congress who stand with HRC, not because it is popular in their districts, but because it is right.

“I also accept this award on behalf of my constituents in San Francisco.

“People always say it is easy for me to take these votes and be for these issues because San Francisco is so tolerant.

“It is not about tolerance. It is about the respect we have for each other. It is about the pride we take in our community.

“That sentiment is now spreading across America. And it is happening thanks to the work of the Human Rights Campaign – and each and every one of you. …

“May God Bless you, and May God Bless the America.”

In New Jersey, the Real Battle over Marriage Has Already Been Lost

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

‘Civil Unions’ is hardly an acceptable compromise 

By Peter LaBarbera 

The item at bottom was sent out Nov. 18 as a part of Family Research Council President Tony Perkins’ “Washington Update.” We agree with the sentiments, with a caveat regarding this line: “…force the state back into a bitter debate that many believed was solved by the legislature earlier this year.” This apparently refers to  the New Jersey legislature’s 2006 vote for homosexual “civil unions,” which was signed into law by Gov. John Corzine (D) last December and went into effect in February.

We are sure that by using the word “solved” Mr. Perkins does not mean to condone “civil unions” — which is merely “same-sex marriage” by another name. However, it is unfortunately the case that a significant minority of “conservatives,” including pro-life and pro-family advocates, now see “civil unions” as a way out of the homosexual “marriage” mess.

The gap between traditional marriage (i.e., normalcy) and “civil unions” is far wider than that between “civil unions” and “same-sex marriage” — a strategic reality of which the more savvy homosexual activists are well aware (even as the Gay Whining Machine complains about a lack of marital “equality”).

In fact, New Jersey’s “civil unions” law recognizes out-of-state “gay marriages.” It “seeks to give gay couples the same rights in the state as married couples,” reports the USA Today. How much clearer can you get than that on the effect of this “compromise”?

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AFTAH Responds to Wikisposure on Nelson Garcia: Putting Politics above their Mission of Protecting Children

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

 LaBarbera asks: why so many boy victims of pedophilia?

nelson_garcia_convicted_child_pornographer.jpg Nelson Garcia, “boy lover” and deceitful critic of AFTAH. The anti-pedophilia (yet pro-homosexuality) website Wikisposure redirected our link to their page exposing Garcia’s past.

Dear AFTAH Readers,

Wikisposure, a website set up by the to expose pedophiles, sadly has chosen to “redirect” its page on Nelson Garcia after Americans For Truth linked to it in an effort to document Garcia past as a “boy lover” and criminal arrested for possessing child pornography. Here is our point-by-point response to Wikisposure’s tendentious, pro-homosexuality post:

WIKISPOSURE WRITES: [Headline:] “Redirections”

This page is a special area set-up for redirections. Sometimes organizations and websites will try to co-opt our work to further whatever non-related cause they have.

AFTAH RESPONDS: Americans For Truth was not trying to “co-opt” anything. We merely linked to the best web resource available at the time for exposing Nelson Garcia’s pederastic, criminal past as a “boy lover.”

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES: This page will be updated with link redirections that should help clarify things for all who come here.

[headline] Americans For Truth Redirection – November 2007
The anti-homosexual hate group “Americans for Truth” …

AFTAH RESPONDS: Wikisposure has obviously not done its research, thus exposes its particular biases and bigotry. Disagreement is not hate, and morality is not prejudice. AFTAH is indeed diametrically opposed to the political/cultural agendas of homosexual, bisexual and transgender activist groups; we think homosexual behavior is wrong, unnatural and changeable, and that nobody is innately “gay”; they think it is right and the basis for a healthy identity, and perhaps even marriage.

We do not “hate” people, but oppose behavior, and have many times stressed the need to reach out to homosexuals with the love of Christ. At our recent banquet, former lesbian Charlene Cothran did just that. As Christians, we are commanded to speak the truth “in love.” We have condemned anti-homosexual (including “Christian”) activists whose messages do not meet that standard. By classifying Americans For Truth as a “hate group,” Wikisposure unfortunately shows that it is willing to make its purpose (which we naively presumed to be merely exposing pedophiles) subservient to a larger, politically correct agenda that includes demonizing and stigmatizing people of faith who do not share their homosexuality-positive viewpoint. That’s too bad.

Labeling historic Judeo-Christian morality as “hate” and its defenders as “haters” is itself an act of profound bigotry. (And we must remind all concerned that many Americans who do not consider themselves religious still consider homosexual behavior to be immoral.) Our question to Wikisposure editors, and to all pro-homosexuality advocates, is this: can you disagree with homosexuality — or believe homosexual behavior is sinful — without being labeled as “haters”?  Do you “hate” Americans For Truth, or do you just disagree with us? If you do hate us, is that hate acceptable because it falls within the framework of your ideology?

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES:[Americans For Truth] recently attacked a Nelson Garcia who is profiled on our Wiki[1] [links to page which was the original target of the AFTAH story link on Garcia that was redirected; you may need to click another link to get to the original page]. Nelson Garcia is, of course, a dangerous pedophile activist. He should be exposed to his community and his credibility attacked, of course. He is not, by any means, profiled here because he is attracted to males. He is profiled here because he is attracted to underage minors. The reason “Americans for Truth” are attacking him isn’t because he’s a pedophile, but rather that he is attracted to males.

AFTAH RESPONDS: This is preposterous, and again shows Wikisposure’s unfortunate willingness to put politics above its noble mission of protecting children. AFTAH helped expose Nelson Garcia because Garcia has made it his mission to demonize us, while keeping his pederastic past hidden from the public. He was ripe for exposure, spewing all kinds of lies and hatred at Americans For Truth and other Christian groups and leaders opposed to homosexuality. Garcia — busted for possessing child pornography — has the audacity to smear AFTAH founder Peter LaBarbera as “Porno Pete” and another pro-family advocate — parental rights defender David Parker — as a “child abuser.” 

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