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Matt Barber – The Left’s Free Speech Attack Dogs

Friday, March 30th, 2012

The homosexual activist group GLAAD claims "words and images matter," yet it honors homosexual actvists that crudely demonize their opponents.

By Matt Barber, first published in The Daily Caller, 3/29/12

Liberal theologian William Ellery Channing once observed, “The cry has been that when war is declared, all opposition should be hushed. A sentiment more unworthy of a free country could hardly be propagated.”

War has indeed been declared. Channing’s contemporary liberal counterparts have declared a war for our culture. But while Channing presumably held to the oft-bandied supposition that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism,” today’s secular-progressive has no choice but to endeavor that “all opposition should be hushed.”

Liberals recognize that when arguing on the merits, they cannot prevail. Not only are their morally relative, redistributionist philosophies untenable and utopian, but they read the same polls demonstrating that reasonable people reject their ideas outright. In fact, Americans identify as conservative over liberal by a two-to-one margin. Even those who call themselves “moderate” lean conservative.

It makes sense. The “progressive” movement wars against natural law, pushes perpetually failed secular-socialist policies and places — above constitutionally safeguarded individual liberty — thickheaded tenets of postmodern political correctness. Liberal elites demand tolerance for all things perverse and find intolerable all things righteous.

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Why We Expose Dan Savage

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
Logo from Dan Savage’s hate-site targeting Rick Santorum.

I am in North Carolina to give a speech tomorrow evening in Raleigh at a banquet for the NC Family Policy Council, a fine organization that defends marriage and family in this beautiful state.  Thanks to the Republicans taking control of the NC legislature, on May 8th, North Carolina’s voters will finally get an opportunity to affirm real marriage (one man, one woman) at the ballot box.  I predict they will do so, but the “Gay”  Lobby — intent on pushing for sodomy-based “marriage” — is raising tons of money to defeat the amendment.  So please help by contacting your North Carolina friends and family members!

Here is a link to another release in our ongoing campaign to expose one of the most dangerous and hateful Sex Radicals on the planet: Dan Savage.  You may ask: why can’t you let go of Dan Savage already?!  Because Savage is the personification of all that’s wrong with the Homosexual Lobby:
  1. Savage is probably the leading activist today working to normalize homosexuality to children and young people — one of the most evil things any person can do (because sexual sin is destructive and our Creator calls homosexual behavior “detestable”).  Jesus hates the corruption of youth: “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him it a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.” (Mark 9:42).  Now Savage has his own show on MTV (“Savage U,” beginning April 3), which could become another huge platform to degrade kids’ morals.  [TAKE ACTION: Go HERE to contact Viacom Inc. (MTV’s parent company).  Also, don’t let up on Elmhurst College (Savage speaks there April 29) and UNC-Chapel Hill (contact info for both HERE)];
  2. Savage avidly promotes radical homosexual patterns of immorality — like “outside” sex — to “straight” married couples.  You would expect this from perversion defenders, but he takes it to new extremes, aggressively touting adulterous “monogamish” relationships that mock the age-old ideal of lifelong fidelity in marriage. Of course, secular media types help advance Savage’s wicked ideas (see this NY Tiimes piece on the supposed “Virtues of Infidelity”);

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UNC-Chapel Hill Publicly Disassociates from Rush Limbaugh But Pays $18,500 in Speaker Fees to Hateful Homosexual Cyber-Bully Dan Savage

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Dan Savage's hateful web creation, "" Click to enlarge. On Feb. 2, UNC-Chapel Hill paid Savage $18,500 to speak to students. The same unversity publicly disassociated itself from Rush Limbaugh over his "offensive statements."

AFTAH-North Carolina

Press Release, March 27, 2012

Contact: Peter LaBarbera:

RALEIGH, NC – University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill paid $18,5000 to homosexual activist Dan Savage – creator of a vile hate-site “re-defining” Rick Santorum’s last name as the by-product of anal sex – as a guest speaker, just weeks before publicly disassociating from Rush Limbaugh over Rush’s “offensive statements” about Sandra Fluke.

Last week, UNC-Chapel Hill announced that it was banning a local “Rush Radio” station, WRDU, from mentioning Limbaugh’s show during broadcasts of Tar Heel basketball and football games. The university, citing Rush’s “rude, inappropriate and offensive statements” about Fluke, also prohibits WRDU from referencing UNC or the Tar Heel Sports Network during Limbaugh’s daily talk show.

Americans For Truth has written UNC-Chapel Hill officials to ask how they can justify paying a large sum to Savage, who once wished death on all Republicans and who regularly and crudely demonizes religious conservatives. AFTAH also asked UNC to repudiate Savage for his “offensive statements,” and invite a pro-family speaker to campus specifically to balance his appearance.

The following typifies Savage’s unique brand of conservative-Christian-bashing hate:

  • Savage said on HBO that he “wished [Republicans] were all [f—king] dead” (he later apologized).
  • Savage’s creation “Santorum[dot] com” (and “SpreadingSantorum[dot]com”) “re-define” Santorum’s surname as follows: “San-TOR-um, n. The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.”
  • In contrast to Limbaugh, who quickly apologized for his remarks about Fluke, when AFTAH’s President Peter LaBarbera asked Savage to take down “Santorum[dot]com,” he responded : “I’m asking Peter LaBarbera to go [f- -k] himself.”
  • Savage mocked the pope as “the dope in Rome”;
  • So consumed was Savage with hatred for then-GOP presidential candidate Gary Bauer that he traveled to Iowa to pose as a Bauer volunteer, then got sick himself and began licking campaign office doorknobs, staplers, etc., in an attempt to give Bauer a cold.

AFTAH also condemns Savage, a raunchy sex columnist, for his reckless sexual advice, which includes urging married couples to allow outside sex. AFTAH urges MTV to cancel “Savage U,” a new TV show debuting April 3, featuring Savage visiting college campuses — so as not to reward him for his cyber-bullying against Santorum and history of hateful acts against Christian conservatives.

When Truth Becomes a ‘Crime Against Humanity’

Monday, March 26th, 2012

By Pastor Scott Lively, J.D., Th.D.

Scott Lively

This column was posted on Lively’s website,, March 18, 2012

I am a Bible-believing Christian Pastor and as such I oppose homosexuality and the now global movement to legitimize it in society. The Bible teaches that homosexuality is s sin specially condemned by God as an “abomination” destructive to both individuals and society (Leviticus 18:22f). It is the only sin which prompted the destruction of a city by fire and brimstone (Genesis 19). It is the only sin chosen to epitomize the “reprobate mind,” meaning the mind given over completely to darkness and deceitfulness (Romans 1).

My job as a pastor is to preach this truth without apology or hedging so that people who suffer with a homosexual “orientation” can repent and be delivered from their bondage (Ezekiel 3:18), and society can be spared the damaging consequences of affirming that sin (Jude 1:7). Many homosexuals from the very beginnings of Christianity have been healed of this affliction (1 Cor 6:9-11).

I also preach against the hatred and violence that some direct toward homosexuals. That too is a sin (Matt 22:39).

History affirms the Bible. This homosexual movement does in fact exemplify the conduct described in Romans 1, so much so that since its rise to power it has silenced or destroyed nearly every opponent that once stood against it. Nearly everyone, including a significant number of my fellow clergy, are now afraid to speak against homosexuality for fear of retaliation.

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UNC-Chapel Hill Distances Itself from Rush but Paid Anti-Santorum ‘Gay’ Cyber-Bully Dan Savage $18,500

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Dan Savage, creater of the hate-site, ""

I provided the wrong number in yesterday’s (March 22, 2012) AFTAH e-mail for University of North Carolina President Tom Ross. The correct number is 919-962-4622. His e-mail is  Sorry about that error.  Within the next few days, please contact Mr. Ross and UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Holden Thorp [] about UNC-Chapel Hill’s payment of $18,500 to perverted homosexual cyber-bully Dan Savage, creator of the vile “Santorum[dot]com.” [See yesterday’s AFTAH press release on Savage and MTV HERE.]  And please forward this e-mail to any friends you have in North Carolina.

Also, there is a new wrinkle to this story.  As you can read below, UNC Chapel Hill has just issued a statement disconnecting itself from theRush Limbaugh in response to offensive comments Rush made about Sandra Fluke (for which he quickly apologized).  Yet UNC paid $18,500 to Dan Savage, who once said, “I wish [Republicans] were all [f—king] dead.” [Watch it HERE.]  Isn’t it fascinating how the entire Left and many in the media are up in arms over Rush yet strangely silent about the vitriol and viciousness emanating from the Left?

AFTAH is educating UNC officials about Savage’s “rude, inappropriate and offensive” statements — which include his notorious creation, “Santorum[dot]com,” which “re-defines” Rick Santorum’s surname as follows:

santorum: (san TOR um) n. the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.
Now we’ll see if UNC-Chapel Hill will issue a statement anything like what it put out on Rush  [view AFTAH release on Savage HERE]. As sick and twisted as Dan Savage’s wicked anti-Santorum hate-site is, you wouldn’t believe the nasty e-mails and tweets I’m getting from fans of Savage!  The Libertine Left’s awful demonization of conservatives and especially Bible-believing Christians is finally coming home to roost — because when the Dan Savages and Bill Mahers of the world, and venomous homosexual bloggers like Joe Jervis (“Joe.My.God.”) are exposed, anyone who can think (and is not a hard-core liberal ideologue) sees who the real Haters and Bigots are.  We will notify you if UNC or Elmhurst College takes any action arising from their support of Dan Savage.  Have a great weekend. — Peter LaBarbera, [Action Steps after jump]

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AFTAH Calls on Viacom Inc. to Cancel ‘Savage U,’ New MTV Show Featuring Perverted Cyber-Bully Dan Savage

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality press releasel

March 22, 2012

Contact: Peter LaBarbera:

AFTAH Calls on Viacom Inc. to Cancel ‘Savage U,’ New MTV Show Featuring Perverted Cyber-Bully Dan Savage

CHICAGO – MTV – owned by Viacom Inc. – should cancel its upcoming TV show “Savage U,” featuring homosexual activist and raunchy sex-advice columnist Dan Savage — in part because it rewards the cyber-bully Savage for his notorious and vile internet smear-campaign against Rick Santorum, said Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality.

“Savage U” is scheduled to debut Tuesday, April 3. MTV describes the show: “Dan Savage and his producer travel around the country to give advice about sex, relationships and romance with college students.” The trailer reveals a program as crude, vulgar and perverted as the host’s weekly sex-advice column, “Savage Love.”

Said LaBarbera: “There are two main reasons why MTV and its parent company Viacom should cancel Dan Savage’s new show about sex on college campuses: Number One: Dan Savage is a radical and raunchy homosexual activist who gives unhealthy and reckless sex advice. He aggressively works to undermine the historic ethic of marital fidelity by championing the twisted notion that married couples should allow outside sex – like so many ‘monogamish’ homosexual male couples do. Incredibly, Savage argues that this would lower the divorce rate.”

Number Two: Savage is an unrepentant cyber-bully who has led a worldwide internet campaign to demonize and destroy Rick Santorum’s name — creating ‘Santorum[dot]com’ to ‘re-define’ it as the revolting by-product of anal sex. He should NOT be rewarded for this evil crusade, nor held up as a role-model for young people.

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Anti-Christian Bigotry on Display at ‘Truth Wins Out’ Protest against Exodus in Atlanta

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Signs assail Biblical change away from homosexuality is “hateful”; imply Jesus Christ was homosexual

By Peter LaBarbera

It says all you need to know about the mischieviously-named homosexual activist group “Truth Wins Out” — headed by “gay” gadfly Wayne Besen — that it would feature anti-Christian photos like these prominently on its website. The photos are part of a story about a TWO protest outside the recent Exodus International “Love Won Out” conference in Atlanta, for people who have left or seek to leave homosexuality behind in their life. TWO attempts to discredit the idea that hcaltlhy change away from homosexuality is possible (by championing failed “ex-gays” and ignoring success stories).

In the TWO promotional photo at right proclaiming a “failed” Exodus conference (click to enlarge), the man’s sign reads, “The Bible is not a tool of hatred and injustice” — implying that efforts to help men and women overcome unwanted homosexual desires are hateful. This is now the standard propaganda line for almost all homosexual activist organizations. Of course, the truth is that most loving thing that a holy God and caring Christians can do for a person struggling with homosexuality (or any besetting sin) is to help him or her overcome that sin in their life. [More photos after jump.]

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LISTEN: AFTAH Interviews Massachusetts Author Amy Contrada – Part Two

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
Author Amy Contrada has documented Mitt Romney’s pro-“gay” record in Massachusetts. Gov. Romney was called “the missing governor” due to his inaction against the Massachusetts high court’s imposition of homosexual “marriage” on the state.

This is Part Two of my interview with Amy Contrada [click HERE to listen], author of “Mitt Romney’s Deception: His Stealth Promotion of ‘Gay Rights’ and ‘Gay Marriage’ in Massachusetts.” It was pre-recorded and aired March 10, 2012. [Listen to Part One HERE.] Contrada is a blogger and researcher for Mass Resistance, the leading organization standing against the homosexual-bisexual-transgender agenda in Massachusetts. Contrada discusses then-Gov. Mitt Romney’s tepid response to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s Goodridge decision imposing homosexal “marriage” on the state. She notes in 2010 she learned that Gov. Romney’s one-time senior legal advisor, Dan Winslow, was later supported in his run for political office by Massachusetts’ homosexual lobby (see this revealiing “gay” post) — precisely because he had backed the Goodridge decision as an aide to Romney. Contrada said Winslow helped craft the newfangled “Party A/Party B” “marriage” licenses, which Romney issued to the great consternation of pro-family advocates at the time.

HOW TO LISTEN: This is an mp3 file, supported in most operating systems by Windows Media Player, Quick Time and/or I-Tunes.  Real Player is not supported and there may be difficulty when attempting to listen with it.  Left click once on the link below to play. (Please be patient, depending upon the speed of your internet connection it may take a moment or two to load.)  OR right click the link then “save target as” to download the whole show.

3-10-12, Amy Contrada, Part Two

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