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PFOX: Help Place Ex-Gay Books in Your Local Library

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

preventing_homosexuality_amazon.JPG carries Joe Nicolosi’s book, A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality; does your local library?

The following appeal was sent out by PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays). Americans For Truth will be working with PFOX and other pro-family groups and ministries to attain — at the very minimum — balance in the selections that libraries carry on the homosexual issue. There is no logical or common sense reason why taxpayer-funded public libraries should make available every latest “gay”-affirming book — including those designed to open up young minds to the false and dangerous notion that homosexuality is normal — while NOT carrying faith-based and ex-“gay” books that oppose a pro-homosexual ideology. — Peter LaBarbera


Ex-Gay Books in Your Library

Please ask your county, school, or city library to order ex-gay books. Many public libraries have book order forms on their website which allow you to request specific books for the libraries to buy. Most local libraries stock gay books, but not ex-gay books. According to the American Library Association, libraries cannot support censorship and a librarian’s professional code requires them to seek out books that represent a wide range of viewpoints. Below is a letter from a PFOX Dad on how to ensure that your local library is not censoring ex-gay books:

Dear Parents and Friends,

Good day to you all and thank you for taking the time to read this letter. It is of critical importance, not only to us as parents and friends, but to all the families that are affected by SAME SEX ATTRACTION (SSA) to get involved with helping others.

Recently, while looking at our public library website for something totally not related to SSA, my wife pointed out all the pro-gay information on the local library web site. After some diligent searching, it became apparent there was little to no information on unwanted SSA. Material on how homosexuality originates was absent. Any resources to help people overcome their SAME SEX ATTRACTION were also absent.

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LISTEN ONLINE: A Former Homosexual Who Knew Him Remembers Harvey Milk

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

‘Gay life is a lie,’ Chaplain Gerard Dols tells CWA; says Milk was ‘very deceived,’ ‘never had opportunity to meet Jesus’

harveymilk.jpgConcerned Women for America’s Martha Kleder writes:

The California legislature is considering a bill that would create a state holiday honoring Harvey Milk, the first openly “gay” city supervisor for San Francisco who was gunned down in 1978. Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, introduces us to Gerard Dols, a man who both knew Harvey Milk and who now knows the Lord. Dols was befriended by Milk when he was a youth, struggled with rejection by the greater homosexual community following Milk’s murder, and later accepted Christ and left the homosexual lifestyle. Dols shares his testimony and his thoughts on “the mayor of Castro Street.” Listen HERE ; Download HERE.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Puts Friendly Welcome Letter in Super-Raunchy Folsom Street Fair Program

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Cites “diversity” and “inclusion” to welcome event featuring full male public nudity and public homosexual orgies on city streets

WARNING: Obscene Graphic of the Sort that Could Only Emerge from San Francisco

gavin_newsom.jpgBy Peter LaBarbera

Dear Readers,

The “mainstream” media have a double-standard when it comes to Republicans versus Democrats linked to radical fringe groups or events. Democratic ties to radical leftist groups like the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, or libertine extremist events like the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, rarely garner huge media attention — while GOP ties to extremists often create scandal. Perhaps this imbalance in coverage is lessening a bit (e.g., Jeremiah Wright) now that there is a powerful TV network (FOX News) and “new” web-based media outlets that do not follow the Left’s lead. Still, the liberal-left benefits tremendously from the media’s non-coverage of their radical wing.

folsom_street_fair_gross_ad_covered_up.JPG Below is full-page ad on page 60 of the Folsom Street Fair 2008 official “Program Guide” (nudity and website address covered up). Mayor Newsom’s welcome letter to Folsom Street Fair participants is on page 16 of the same program (see below). It just doesn’t get any sicker or more extreme than Folsom, so why don’t Democratic politicians like San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (top photo) fear being associated with this vile event, and why does House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) refuse to denounce it?

It would be hard to envision a more controversial event than the sadistic “leather” Folsom Street Fair — with its well-documented rampant public nudity and police-tolerated homosexual orgies on city streets — or so it would seem, anyway, if more Americans knew about it. The following welcome letter from San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (D) appears in the newly-released official Folsom Street Fair “Official 2008 Program Guide.” The “street fair” will be held in San Francisco on Sunday, September 28, and Americans for Truth, Mission America, American Family Association and other pro-family groups will be on hand to document the public indecency and officially “tolerated” filth.

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How Desperate Is Joan Rivers?

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

This desperate:

joan_rivers_desperate.bmp Joan Rivers is playing sadomasochist venues, helping celebrate 25 years of the Folsom Street Fair’s open-air perversion in San Francisco, and raising money for Folsom “beneficiaries” like the Transgender Law Center. And how about this from the Folsom Street website for a dress code unique to Sodom-by-the-Bay:

“If you want to be fashionable, then start planning your outfit now because this event is formal. Appropriate attire includes formal wear, dress leather and high-fashion kink wear.”

Can you imagine the conversation between leather partners Stephane and Jahn before the big event:

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Hallmark Panders to Homosexuals — Offers ‘Gay Marriage’ Cards

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Company chooses ‘relevance’ over morality

hallmark_logo.jpgBy Peter LaBarbera

Needless to say, the AP (Always Politically-correct?) story below contains no critical comments from a pro-natural-family critic of homosexual “marriage.” I sent this note to Hallmark, after calling the company (816-274-5111) and being informed that Hallmark CEO Don Hall is not taking critical calls:

Dear Hallmark CEO Don Hall,

My wife and I won’t be buying Hallmark cards again until you stop promoting homosexuality and “gay marriage.” It’s very sad that your company — which most Americans would associate with more wholesome values — has now chosen to profit off of sexual immorality. (Homosexual behavior is sinful, changeable — see this EX-gay site: — and often linked to serious health risks.)

Good luck with your new, politically correct business plan, but I will be informing as many people as I can to stop buying Hallmark cards until you get out of the homosexuality-promotion business.


Peter LaBarbera

You’ll actually get a human being when you call Hallmark at 816-274-5111 as opposed to their computerized customer service line at 1-800-HALLMARK (800-425-5627). Please politely communicate your disappointment to them, as the operator is not responsible for this bone-headed move and might actually share your values. You can also e-mail them off their web contact page. Below is Associated Press’ biased story:


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California Supreme Court Rules Against Christian Doctors Who Refused to Artificially Inseminate Lesbian

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Pro-homosexual laws kill religious freedom

benitez_lesbian_insemination_case.jpgGuadalupe Benitez (right) with her twin daughters Sophia, left, and Shane, and her lesbian partner Joanne Clark and son Gabriel, at their Oceanside, Cal., home. Benitez sued two Christian doctors who refused to artificially inseminate her. Playing the victim, Benitez said after winning her case before the California Supreme Court: “It’s wrong and shocking that some doctors felt their religious beliefs allowed them to ignore the law and discriminate … Anyone could be the next target if doctors are allowed to pick and choose their patients based on religious views about other groups of people.” (photo: Sandy Huffaker)

Folks, if California is truly a pacesetter for the nation, then America is in big trouble. How ironic that pro-homosexual so-called “nondiscrimination” laws are the new tool for activist-minded judges and liberal legislators to DISCRIMINATE against people of faith.

This astonishing 7-0 California Supreme Court decision is further proof that homosexual agenda laws — which create newfangled “rights” based on deviant sexual and gender preferences — are incompatible with our cherished, historic American liberties, in this case, the right NOT to violate one’s own religious beliefs.

The “gay” movement is in the vanguard of destroying religious freedom in this nation — even as “queer” activists (and their attorneys) continue to play the victim card. Homosexual “Rights” vs. Religious Freedom is a zero-sum game: when “gay” lawyers win, as in this case, look for freedom to lose. What further proof do we need that “rights” based on sexual perversion are themselves a perversion of genuine civil rights?

The lesson for pro-family advocates and lovers of liberty is clear: in states where there are no ‘sexual orientation’ laws, they must never be passed. In states where pro-homosexual laws are on the books, they must be repealed to preserve freedom. And God help us if the Gay Lobby and its (mostly) Democratic allies in Congress succeed in their goal of creating federal “rights” based on homosexuality. That would be a homosexual lawyer’s dream come true. — Peter LaBarbera, (see below for Pacific Justice Inst. release)


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Reverse Hatred, Steve Wessler and the New Totalitarians

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

mike_heath_10_commandments.JPGMike Heath of the Christian Civic League of Maine is a committed Christian who –like millions upon millions of pro-family Americans — opposes homosexual practice and all sex outside marriage. But to social leftists like Steve Wessler, Heath is an extreme “hater” whose views should not even be published in a major newspaper. Can we afford to let the anti-Christian Left become the arbiter of “hate” in America?

“[I]rresponsible and biased speech legitimizes extreme prejudice.” — Steve Wessler, Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence

By Peter LaBarbera,

Catching up on unpublished stories here: I sent a version of the following letter May 6 to Steve Wessler, executive director of a liberal outfit called the Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence in Portland, Maine — in response to his April 26 column in the Portland Press-Herald advocating that this major newspaper gag my friend (and AFTAH Board Chairman) Mike Heath. The Left aspires to be the arbiter of “hate” in our society, but their absurd, radical and, yes, hateful arguments equating pro-family Americans with anti-Semites and racists — even slavery advocates — constitute a form of reverse-hatred. If the Left’s non-diverse “diversity” ideology ever gets full backing by the government here in the United States, it would be used to criminalize Christian practice, as is already happening in Canada and Great Britain.

Social conservatives need to wake up to the escalating threat to freedom that comes from arrogant, absolutist ideologues on the hard Left. If we fail to answer the poisonous smear-attacks by anti-religious activists like Wessler (e.g., labelling groups like the Christian Civic League of Maine and AFTAH “hate groups”), we will lose our freedoms as America inches toward the brand of left-wing totalitarianism found in Europe and Canada.

Truth is, nobody hates and itches to censor others like the Left, but Wessler and his ilk rely on intimidation tactics and the media’s help to silence debate and box conservative voices out of the public square.

Morality is not prejudice, and defending the time-tested Judeo-Christian sexual ethic is not “hate.” (If you warn your children against doing something that is wrong and potentially harmful to their health, and which could alienate them from God, do you “hate” them?) Equating sincere Christians and conservative citizens with racist and anti-Semitic practices of the past is one of the Pro-Homosexual Left’s most insidious tactics.

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Family of Slain Homosexual Boy Larry King Blames School

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

The case of Larry King is a horrible tragedy, which homosexual activists have sought to exploit to crusade for “hate crimes” laws. Now the victim’s parents are complicating the GLBT Lobby’s campaign; if they succeed, it will send a message to schools everywhere not to pander to politically correct activism on “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” –Peter LaBarbera

Family of Slain Homosexual Boy Blames School
Friday, August 15, 2008

By Wire Dispatches, Associated Press

Ventura, Calif. (AP) – The family of a gay teenager who was fatally shot in class blames the school district for allowing their son to wear makeup and feminine clothing to school – factors the family claims led to the death.

The parents and brother of 15-year-old Larry King of Oxnard filed a personal injury claim against the Hueneme school district seeking unspecified damages for not enforcing the dress code.

King, an eighth-grader at E.O. Green Junior High School, was shot in February. Classmate Brandon McInerney pleaded not guilty to the shooting last week. He was charged as an adult and also faces a charge of a committing a hate crime.

The family’s claim, filed last week in Ventura County Superior Court, said administrators and teachers failed to enforce the school’s dress code when King wore feminine clothing and makeup to school.

His parents, Dawn and Gregory King, said faculty members knew their son had “unique vulnerabilities” and was subject to abuse because of his sexual orientation.

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