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Dr. Michael Brown: Don’t Forget the LGB (Homosexuality) When Pushing Back Against the T (Trans Agenda)

Monday, October 31st, 2022
Still true today.

Folks, this is an important piece by my friend, Dr. Michael Brown, who has been one of America’s most fearless “Culture War” defenders of biblical sexual morality in the last few decades. Mike is right on here. It saddens me that so many conservatives have become “moral relativists” of sorts who, even as they push back strongly against the radical “trans” agenda, have largely gone silent against what most on the Right used to call “the gay agenda.” (Conservatives love patriotic God-talk but it seems many would follow a “GOP” version of the Bible, which, if it existed, would give a pass on the Sin of Sodom to Republicans and Libertarians.)

The emergence of “gay”-affirming “conservatism” is intellectually dishonest and morally/spiritually craven. The truth is: the Bible unequivocally proscribes homosexuality as sinful. Moreover, deviance begets deviance, and there would be no Big Trans and Big LGBTQ+ (beware the “+”!) agendas without the media-driven triumph of the “Gay” revolution. Stay principled, even if that means defying the present zeitgeist, because ultimately it’s God’s Truth, not ours. — Peter LaBarbera,; Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera (PS. Sign up for Dr. Brown’s weekly updates HERE; you won’t regret it!)


Let’s Not Forget the LGB When Pushing Back Against the T

By Dr. Michael Brown

Reprinted from the Ask Dr. Brown website, Sept. 19, 2022

It is not just Christian conservatives who are pushing backing against transgender activism these days.

Prominent liberals, along with well-known gay and lesbian activists, have also been raising their voices, especially when it comes to transitioning Schildren. Together with conservatives, they are protesting the insanity of biological males competing against biological females or against putting young children on puberty blockers and performing sex-change surgery on minors.

But that is only one side of the coin.

The flip side of all this is that homosexual practice has become more and more accepted to the point that fewer and fewer conservatives will tackle it head on. 

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VIDEO: ‘Detransitioner’ Chloe Cole’s Nashville Speech: Calls Pro-Trans-Surgery Doctors and Therapists ‘Butchers and Liars’

Monday, October 24th, 2022

“I fell victim to the idea that I was actually a boy trapped within a girl’s body.”

Chloe Cole.

The following is “detransitioner” Chloe Cole’s speech at the Daily Wire-sponsored ““Rally to End Child Mutilation” rally in Nashville October 21, 2022. I was deeply moved by this speech, and which everyone could hear it. As if this young woman wasn’t already brave enough, as she spoke she was heckled by crazed, pro-trans protesters trying to drown out her and other speakers by yelling things like “[F–k] you, Fascist.” (Like fascists and communists everywhere throughout history, American leftists routinely try to shout down, or shut down, speech they do not like.) This rally at the state capitol was part of a GOP-led effort in Tennessee to ban so-called “gender affirming transition care”–mutilations masquerading as trans “surgeries” and cross-sex “hormone therapy”–for minors. You can donate to Chloe Cole HERE. Many thanks to culture warrior Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire for organizing this event. — Peter LaBarbera,; Twitter: @Peter LaBarbera

[A full transcript of Chloe Cole’s speech is beneath the video, after the page jump.]


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Video: Ex-‘Gay’ Doug Mainwaring on the Quiet Rise of LGBTQ Influence in Christian and Conservative Circles

Friday, October 21st, 2022

Folks, this is an important presentation by my good friend Doug Mainwaring, who is as brave and principled a pro-family advocate as I’ve ever known. Doug, who is ex-“gay” and writes for LifeSiteNews (where I once worked), has been a leading, albeit lonely, voice in urging the Right not to abandon the traditional, age-old conservative defense of Judeo-Christian morality. In this case, that means NOT latching on to a newfangled, libertarian brand of “conservatism” that not only tolerates, but celebrates homosexual unions–you know, the Republican ones (think Dave Rubin, Rick Grenell, Guy Benson, etc.)–ostensibly for political gain.

Last I checked, there was no “GOP exception” in Romans 1 and other passages of the Bible proscribing homosexual behavior as sinful. Moreover, among the many reasons to oppose legalized same-sex “marriage” (no matter what the courts rule) is that it provides a launching pad for the inevitable pleas to recognize “gay unions” in the Christian Church, always in the name of compassion. Normalizing sexual perversion is not and never will be a “conservative” value, nor a compassionate one. 

You can find links to many of Doug’s excellent LSN articles on his bio page, and the LifeSiteNews description of this video is at bottom. We’ll have much more to report on this issue.–Peter LaBarbera,; Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera 

LifeSiteNews description of video:

The ascendancy of LGBT values into mainstream conservatism and Christian beliefs did not occur overnight. In his talk given at the Henkel Conference held in Nashville, TN from August 22-23, LifeSiteNews U.S. Bureau Chief Doug Mainwaring, a formerly pro-gay libertarian, talks about his personal conversion, the way the LGBT agenda has gained a strong foothold in politically-right communities, and the threats to children and families posed by this dynamic.

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AUDIO: VCY America Interview with LaBarbera: An Avalanche of LGBTQ Activism, including Scooby-Doo’s Velma as Lesbian

Thursday, October 20th, 2022

Google helps celebrate “official” homosexual “coming out” of cartoon character, which Fox News reports on uncritically like the rest of the LGBTQueer-cheerleading media.

Google Celebrates Sexual Immorality: a simple Google search of the Scooby-Doo cartoon character “Velma” brought various LGBTQ+ “pride” flags cascading down the screen–after the show’s creators showed the nerdy Velma with desires for a woman. Here’s a troubling Fox News story that reports the Velma character development as if it is bereft of controversy. Above is 10/7/22 screenshot of Google search on “Velma.”


Folks, this is my most recent interview with VCY America’s “Crosstalk” host Jim Schneider. Click HERE or the link below to play. The graphic above is an Oct. 7 screenshot showing Google’s celebration of the “official coming out” of Scooby-Doo character Velma as a lesbian: various LGBTQ “pride” (perversion) flags cascaded down the screen with a search of the word “Velma.”

See also this pro-homosexual Fox News web report on the now “officially gay” Velma. How sad that even Fox News is OK with the corruption of children’s moral innocence by the literal “programming” of kids’ minds to accept sexual immorality as normal and good. VCY’s description of the show is beneath the audio link.–Peter LaBarbera, AmericansForTruth.News; Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera


Date: October 11, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Peter LaBarbera
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VCY’s Crosstalk show description:

Under the guise of LGBTQ+ activism, the calendar is being exploited again.  We’ve been through pride month, now it’s LGBTQ history month, while today has been declared National Coming Out Day.  With these days of recognition comes an avalanche of behaviors, legislation and other societal changes that are clearly unscriptural.   

Returning to Crosstalk for the latest news concerning LGBTQ activism was Peter LaBarbera.  Peter is the founder and president of Americans for Truth.  Jim had Peter comment on the following news items.

  • National “Coming Out” Day.  Originally this was about simply coming out as homosexual.  According to Peter, the significance is that this was a strategy.  Homosexual activists knew that the effect would be to reduce the opposition by making people less likely to speak out against homosexuality as well as redefining what’s considered normal.  The result is that all these years later it’s metastasized to include those “coming out” and identifying as being one of the many other perverse identities society now recognizes.
  • An adult drag queen is identifying as a child.  So how can you prosecute someone who identifies as an 8 year old if they molest another 8 year old? 
  • Congressman Mark Pocan of Wisconsin has introduced 2 pieces of legislation. One is H.R.9070.  This would establish within the Smithsonian Institution, the National Museum of American LGBTQ+ History and Culture.  It already has 64 co-sponsors.  He’s also introduced H.R.9071 that would establish a commission to study the potential creation of a national museum of LGBTQ+  history and culture.
  • A homosexual couple in New York is suing the city government because under the city’s current insurance policy they don’t qualify for fertility treatments, yet they claim they have a right to parenthood even though their biology doesn’t allow for it.  As a result, they’ve filed a class action complaint against the city.  They claim that since both of them are male and biologically incapable of naturally procreating, that they meet the medical definition of being infertile and thus they’re entitled to insurance that will cover the cost of using a woman to have a baby for them.
  • A judge has ruled that those in polyamorous relationships are entitled to the same legal protections as married couples. 
  • The Scooby-Doo cartoon now presents Velma as a lesbian.

This is just a brief summary of points discussed during the early portion of the program.  There’s much more that’s examined, and as you’ll see, it’s all about normalizing perversion.  Jim and Peter present the evidence that proves why, on this Crosstalk broadcast.

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