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Harvey Notes Homosexual Youth HIV Surge, Asks: Are Boy Scouts Buying ‘Gay Child’ Myth?

Monday, April 29th, 2013
Linda Harvey wonders:

Linda Harvey wonders why the CDC did not ask about the partners of homosexual teenage boys who admitted to sex with males before age 13.

Folks, my friend, Linda Harvey of Mission America — a Christian expert on the radical homosexual-bisexual-transgender agenda targeting youth — is right on in the piece below about the Boy Scout’s proposed pro-homosexual sellout.

This particular column is a must read because Linda brings forth some vitally important data on HIV and “gay youth.” Please take the time to scan these two CDC (Centers for Disease Control) reports that she cites (Warning: you will have to sift through the CDC’s nauseating political correctness, which precludes them from discouraging homosexual practice itself as part of the recipe for fighting HIV):

CDC Fact Sheet (Dec. 2012): “New HIV infections in the United States”:

CDC (2011) report on “Sexual Identity…and Health-Risk Behaviors among Students” (see Table 55):

Lastly, I note “JaneLovesJesus,'” who made the following comment to Linda’s piece on WND:

“This [Boy Scouts of America (BSA) proposing acceptance of homosexual Scouts] is simply the two-step approach to gay leaders in the BSA. Are they are going to allow ‘gay’ youth to participate…let those youth go through the entire program, maybe earning the rank of Eagle, and THEN say, ‘Sorry, you don’t qualify for leadership?’ Nope. Not going to happen. In for a dime, in for a dollar. There is NO compromising with the ‘Gay-stapo.’ Partial acceptance of this lie is FULL cooperation with evil.”

Surely Jane is right: we’ve been down this road of LGBT incrementalism many times before. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH (column is after jump)

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Jane Chastain: Boy Scouts Want to ‘Split the Baby’

Friday, April 26th, 2013
The Boy Scouts' proposed compromise implies that an openly homosexual boy can still be "morally straight."

The Boy Scouts’ proposed compromise implies that an openly homosexual boy — embracing a deviant sexual identity — can still be “morally straight” and faithful to God.

The following is excerpted from a column published April 24, 2013 in (World Net Daily). Jane Chastain is right on, as she usually is. To listen to a radio interview I did yesterday on WVCY America on the Boy Scouts of America’s absurd and treacherous “compromise,” go HERE (and order it HERE). Keep fighting! We can save the Boy Scouts in spite of their corrupt leaders by winning the Scout Council vote in May. — Peter LaBarbera,


Boy Scouts Want to ‘Split the Baby’

WND Exclusive: Jane Chastain predicts end of organization if latest proposal on ‘gays’ is passed

By Jane Chastain

King Solomon was considered one of the wisest men in the world. According to the Bible, when two women came before him fighting over a baby, both claiming to be its mother, Solomon ordered that the child be cut in half with a sword. One woman was perfectly satisfied with his decision, but when the other offered to give up the child in order to save him, Solomon knew who the real mother was and gave the child to her.

The leadership of the Boy Scouts of America has proposed a similar arrangement in the effort to satisfy its members, volunteers and donors over the issue of admitting open homosexuals into its ranks.

The proposal, which will be voted on May 24, is to admit homosexual young people into Scouting, while keeping the ban in place that prevents homosexuals from serving as staff or adult leaders. This proposal satisfies no one and, if it goes through, will mean the death of Scouting as we know it.

To pretend that this baby can survive is, at best, self-denial or, at worse, hypocrisy!

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Good News for Scott Lively against SMUG: Supreme Court Ejects Foreign Lawsuits from U.S. Courts

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013
Scott Lively

Scott Lively

The following release was sent out today by Liberty Counsel:

April 17, 2013

Supreme Court Ejects Foreign Suits from U.S. Courts

The Supreme Court today held that the federal Alien Tort Statute (ATS) cannot be used to challenge foreign conduct in United States courts. In Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum, the High Court held that the ATS does not “reach conduct occurring in the territory of a foreign sovereign.”

The decision is a severe blow to foreign entities and individuals that have sought to use the ATS – with alarming success in the last three decades – to bring foreign disputes in U.S. courts. Liberty Counsel currently represents Pastor Scott Lively [founder of Abiding Truth Ministries] in one such case brought against him by Sexual Minorities Uganda, which calls itself “SMUG.” In its lawsuit, filed in federal court in Massachusetts, SMUG claims that Mr. Lively violated “international law” when he criticized homosexual conduct while visiting Uganda.

The Supreme Court has now accepted Liberty Counsel’s argument and has made it the law of the land. On the basis of the just-issued decision in Kiobel, Liberty Counsel has again asked the Massachusetts federal court to dismiss SMUG’s lawsuit.

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LISTEN: Coach Dave Daubenmire Interviews AFTAH’s Peter LaBarbera

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Coach notes rapid desensitization of Americans toward homosexuality

Coach_Dave_Daubenmire_Interview_News-With_Views-2013Folks, Coach Dave Daubenmire of Pass the Salt Ministries is one of a kind. It was a pleasure to be interviewed by the Coach — a man’s man whose old-fashioned moral frankness may be out of step with today’s culture but is so much more refreshing than the pablum coming from some “Christians” and “conservatives” these days. I love Coach’s point — as politically incorrect as it is true — at around the 22:25 mark regarding what parents fear most. Also note:

  • Coach’s comments on TIME magazine’s indecent “gay kiss” cover and what it says about desensitization in the USA (10:30);
  • my comments on Larry Kramer and “gay” men who look back “fondly” on their own molestation (27:35); and
  • the section on the sinister pro-pedophilia “B4UAct” website (“NAMBLA with a PhD”), which mimics homosexual activist talking points to advance the agenda of the “Minor Attracted People” movement.

Give me just 100 pastors like Coach Daubenmire scattered across America and you wouldn’t recognize this nation! Please support the Coach and his ministry. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

PS. Let me anticipate a homosexual activist criticism of my comments — which of course will be distorted — around the 14:00-15:00 minute mark. I am not “reassured” (14:40) that homosexual men contract so many diseases related to their perversion, in the sense of taking some sort of heartless satisfaction from their suffering. Rather, I am reassured that Nature and the practical realities of the homosexual lifestyle affirm God’s revealed truth about this sin. As I say in the interview, “The real world is backing up what the Bible says about homosexuality.” This should further motivate Christians to lovingly share God’s free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ to people caught up in homosexual behavior. More information follows the interview….

This interview was published by NewsWithViews.TV on Apr 11, 2013. Coach writes:

“Peter LaBarbera of joins Coach Dave for an in-depth discussion of the homosexual agenda and how ‘marriage’ is just their latest assault on traditional values. Listen to this riveting, no-holds-barred discussion.”

To listen on Coach Dave’s YouTube channel, go here:

Pat Brady Is on Way Out as Illinois Conservative Republicans Fight Against Corruption and Liberalism in GOP

Monday, April 15th, 2013
AFTAH defends natural marriage at IL-GOP Central Commitee meeting.

AFTAH defends natural marriage at Illinois Republican Party Central Committee meeting Saturday. Pat Brady is the outgoing head of the IL-GOP who angered the Party’s grassroots by outrageously embracing homosexuality-based “marriage.” Click on photo to enlarge.

By Peter LaBarbera

Hey folks, for half the day Saturday I stood inside the Tinley Park Convention Center with about 50 pro-family conservative Republicans — to protest at the quarterly Central Committee meeting against elitist corruption within the Illinois Republican Party. We were united against IL-GOP Chairman Pat Brady, who endorsed the (stalled) “same-sex marriage” bill despite the clear and principled IL-GOP platform stance affirming REAL marriage (see language below). Pro-family stalwart Karen Hayes and I held high an AFTAH banner that read, “Pat Brady Must Go; Marriage: One Man, One Woman,” and distributed an information Alert on “Why the IL-GOP Must Never Abandon its Pro-Natural Marriage Platform.”

It was exhilarating to stand with so many Illinois patriots, yet exhausting and aggravating as we were forced, like disobedient children, to wait three hours for a chance to make our voices heard to the assembled Committeemen. [Click HERE to watch a video of the exiled conservatives featuring activist Bill Kelly.] After the long wait, I and few others were finally allowed to make public comments (for just two minutes per person). But after fewer than 10 people had spoken Brady suddenly ended the session — again silencing the voices — if not the spirits — of some of the hardest-working Republicans in the state. They deserved much better.

As you can read from the Chicago Tribune account below, Brady was not voted out Saturday, but apparently he is being eased out within six weeks. After the meeting, a Central Committeeman told a group of us that “everybody got the message…There wasn’t a vote [on Brady] but there was a vote.” Translation: even GOP VIPs as notoriously out-of-touch with the grassroots as the men and women running Illinois’ Republican Party realize they can’t keep Brady at the helm for long.

And that is the best news I take away from Saturday’s dysfunctional GOP gathering: even in Illinois, where conservatives are as beaten down and disrespected as in few other states, principled Republicans and citizens (many Tea Partiers) are calling out their political “leaders” for abandoning time-tested moral values. And not just Republicans: don’t forget that it is pressure from pro-natural-marriage Democrats that has kept the Democrat-dominated General Assembly in Springfield from voting in counterfeit “gay marriage.”

One of the high points at the Tinley Park meeting occurred when a Republican official was reading from resolutions and actions just enacted by the Republican National Committee (RNC). The final RNC resolution he read was one reaffirming the national Republican Party plank defending natural marriage — and instantaneous and sustained applause erupted in the room. Clearly, supporting marriage as God ordains it — one man, one woman — is a very popular, foundational plank for Republicans. Ditching it would be a mistake of incalculable proportions — like the Party becoming “pro-choice” on abortion.

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AFTAH Defends Natural Marriage against Pro-Homosexual Illinois Republican Party (ILGOP) Chairman Pat Brady

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Grassroots Illinois Republicans stand behind AFTAH banner urging the dismissal of IL-GOP Chairman Pat Brady, who shocked the state’s Republicans by coming out for homosexuality-based “marriage.” Dozens of conservative Republicans, including elected officials, were forced to wait three hours as Brady’s future was decided in private at the meeting. When they were finally let back in, comments were limited to only a minute per speaker and then — after a few critical speeches including one by AFTAH’s Peter LaBarbera — the meeting was suddenly cut short by Brady.


TINLEY PARK, Illinois — Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) delivered the following informational Alert yesterday at the quarterly meeting of the Republican Party of Illinois (IL-GOP) Central Committee. AFTAH educates the public about the implications of homosexual activism to all institutions and all political parties. We’ll have more on Saturday’s bizarrely dysfunctional Central Committee meeting in another post [read Illinois Review editor Fran Eaton’s account of it HERE].


Americans For Truth ** ALERT ** 

Putting Principles First:  Why the IL-GOP Must Never Abandon Its Pro-Natural-Marriage Platform

CONTACT: Peter LaBarbera:                           April 13, 2013

Homosexual "marriage" will accelerate the promotion of homosexuality and gender confusion as ‘normal’ in public schools. In Massachusetts, 2nd graders were required to read this book, “King & King,” about a prince who falls in love and "marries" another man instead of a princess. Parents in Mass. lost their right to guide their own children’s moral values if they keep them in public schools.

Homosexual “marriage” will accelerate the promotion of homosexuality and gender confusion as ‘normal’ in public schools. In Massachusetts, 2nd graders were required to read this book, “King & King,” about a prince who falls in love with and “marries” another man instead of a princess. Parents in Mass. effectively lost their right to guide their own children’s moral values if they keep them in public schools.

TINLEY PARK, Illinois – Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) urges the Republican Party of Illinois to stay true to its own conservative Platform and reaffirm marriage as between a man and a woman.

AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera said that by embracing homosexuality-based “marriage,” IL-GOP Chairman Pat Brady and the state’s most powerful Republican, Sen. Mark Kirk, have recklessly undermined the GOP’s conservative “brand” as a pro-family party and hurt the Party’s outreach prospects — especially among minority voters.

The IL-GOP Platform reads in part:

The family is society’s central building block… Our children need secure and nurturing environments, which are best found within the traditional family. No law should be enacted nor policy implemented without fully contemplating the effect it would have on children and their families…. [T]he ideal, best environment for children is within a two-parent family based on the principle of marriage between one man and one woman.

The Republican Party endorses a constitutional amendment protecting our Defense of Marriage Act and enshrining in constitutional law marriage as it is defined in our “DOMA.”

Our laws should strongly support and celebrate the loving commitment a man and a woman make to each other in marriage….

LaBarbera urged the divisive Brady to step down as IL-GOP chairman and offered the following as among the reasons NOT to undermine the Party’s historic defense of natural marriage:

    • If homosexuality-based “marriage” is legalized, religious liberty and freedom of conscience will be further repressed by the state in the name of “gay equality”; this is already happening in Illinois under our “Civil Unions” law. In Paxton, IL, Jim and Beth Walder – owners of a bed-and-breakfast – were forced to go to court to defend their constitutional right to live by their own Christian beliefs (they declined a homosexual  “civil union” ceremony on their own property). Republicans must stand for liberty – yet too often pro-homosexual libertarians are silent on the growing threat to First Amendment freedoms justified in the name of “gay rights.”

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Connecticut ‘Married’ Homosexuals George Harasz and Douglas Wirth Face Trial for Allegedly Raping their Own Adopted Boys

Friday, April 12th, 2013

George Harasz (l) and Douglas Wirth (r) are accused of raping two of the nine boys they adopted. The Glastonbury, CT men are “married.” Now three more of the children have come forward charging sexual abuse. Photo courtesy Glastonbury Police Department.

Although these two homosexual men (“married” in Connecticut) are innocent until proven guilty, this case has not received the media coverage that it deserves. It recalls another horrific homosexual adoption/molestation case: Frank Lombard, the North Carolina man and Duke University official who molested his own infant adopted boy and then offered up the five-year-old online for others to rape. Here’s a 2011 YouTube of a local TV news report on the shockingly evil Lombard case.

The following is from the New York Daily News (April 7, 2103) on the Connecticut story:

Gay Connecticut couple accused of raping adopted children will face trial

By Eric Ortiz, New York Daily News

The case of a same-sex Connecticut couple accused of repeatedly raping and abusing two of their nine adopted boys is headed for trial.

Married couple George Harasz and Douglas Wirth of Glastonbury were supposed to be sentenced Friday in Hartford Superior Court under a plea deal, but instead withdrew from their agreement with prosecutors. The men had already pleaded no contest in January to one felony count each of risk of injury to a minor — a reduction from even more serious charges related to sexual assault.

But in a surprise turn, the couple’s attorneys pulled them out of the plea in a bid to fully clear their names, according to CBS affiliate WFSB-TV.

If Harasz, 49, and Wirth, 45, had continued with the deal, they would have been given suspended prison sentences and probation, WFSB-TV said.

But more allegations came to light Friday in the explosive case, and prosecutors said they also want to go to trial.

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Tony Perkins Defends Michigan Republican Dave Agema, Criticizes RNC for Pro-‘Gay’ Political Correctness

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Are Republican Party elites on a suicide mission?

Michigan RNC Committeeman was charged by fellow Republicans with "hate" for raising the public health risks of the homosexual lifestyle.

Michigan RNC Committeeman Dave Agema was charged by fellow Republicans with “hate” for raising the public health risks of the homosexual lifestyle.

This is an important piece by Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins, reprinted from his April 2 “Washington Watch” newsletter. Republican Party politicians (they’re not behaving like statesmen) are on a suicide mission if they think they can stab their most faithful constituents in the back on the homosexual agenda and still come away strong enough to beat the radically pro-“gay” Democrats. (A Democrat will usually beat a “Democrat-lite.”)

You are like me if you’re ready to yell at the TV or radio every time you hear a Republican or some libertarian-leaning pundit assert, with robot-like efficiency, that we need to be “focusing on the issues that really matter.” That’s code for the fiscal issues — rather than social issues like homosexual “marriage,” which I suppose, by extension, “don’t really matter” much to these Republicans.

Seems to me the moral disintegration of America and the preservation of marriage should be at the top of the list of issues that matter. Too bad we don’t have a STRONG pro-family, pro-life, God-fearing conservative party that could give both of our corrupt major parties a run for their money. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

P.S. While I (like Perkins) will not vouch for the accuracy of each of Agema’s citations (e.g., it was not NAMBLA but another pedophile group that invented the sick motto, “Sex before eight or it’s too late”), it is preposterous to assert that homosexuality is somehow above criticism. Even more absurd is the idea — repeated in this Daily Kos hit piece against FRC — of blaming the well-documented, highly disproportionate disease rates linked to homosexual sex (HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, etc.) on “the stress which comes from having to deal with homophobia and discrimination.” Right, it’s our fault….


From Tony Perkins’ April 2 “Washington Watch”:

RNC Makes Values a Mute Point

“Wishful thinking.” That’s how MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough described the GOP’s supposed shift on same-sex “marriage.” During a segment on yesterday’s show, Scarborough tried to put the media’s spin into perspective. “This rush to marriage equality is–at least among the Republican base–a mirage.” Anyone who believes otherwise, he said, has a fundamental misunderstanding of the political realities in America:

“I wonder how many of these people [who] support it from Washington or New York, or from state capitals across the country, have ever campaigned in western Iowa, have ever campaigned in South Carolina in the Greenville-Spartanburg area, have ever campaigned across north Florida. … What [Republican presidential] candidate can win in western Iowa, can win in the Greenville-Spartanburg area, can win in north Florida if they come out and support gay marriage nationally?”

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