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Christian Prosecuted Despite Absent Accuser

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

Excerpted from Activist Claims Pro-Homosexual Chicago Is Unfairly Prosecuting Him, by Allie Martin, published Sept 29, 2006, by Agape Press:

…Earlier this year, Repent America president Michael Marcavage was arrested by Chicago police as he stood on a public sidewalk, holding a sign supporting traditional marriage at the city’s 2006 Gay Games. Last month, Marcavage returned to Chicago for a court hearing but learned that the complaining witness did not show up.

Instead of dropping the case, the prosecutor said the case would be pursued based on the testimony of the arresting officer. However, the Christian activist says the arresting officer who appeared at the hearing was not the one who made the arrest.

To Marcavage, it appears the city has a clear agenda. “Chicago is obviously known for its promotion of homosexuality,” he says. “We already have a civil case that was filed against the city, and we have uncovered various things in doing investigations about the city, [such as] the mayor’s promotion of homosexuality, of course.”

The City of Chicago is pushing forward in the case against him, Marcavage says, even though the primary witness apparently cannot be located. The next hearing in the matter is set for October 4.

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Mark Foley: Peter LaBarbera Was Right

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

This article about Mark Foley was written by Peter LaBarbera and published by CWA on May 28, 2003.

Rep. Mark Foley Won’t Discuss His ‘Orientation,’ but Others Will

By Peter LaBarbera

Florida columnist ‘outs’ Senate candidate

Mark Foley, a Republican congressman from Florida and a Senate candidate in 2004, is in a swirl of controversy after not answering repeated questions about his alleged homosexuality.

“Gay rights” advocates—including Bob Norman, a columnist with the New Times Broward-Palm Beach newspaper—say Foley’s alleged homosexuality is an open secret, one that he should acknowledge to Florida citizens.

Rep. Foley receives campaign donations from the Human Rights Campaign, a homosexual lobby group, and supports various pro-homosexual bills in Congress such as the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). His voting record is more conservative on other issues.

“[Foley’s] voting record on gay rights has become a controversial issue. He’s campaigning across Florida for the U.S. Senate. The people have a right to know,” Norman wrote in a long column May 8. “And dancing around the truth is just getting too weird to abide.”

In the column, Norman quotes Tracy Thorne, a homosexual and activist for homosexuals in the military, saying that Foley brought a “boyfriend” along on a visit to Thorne in the early 1990s.

Foley and his spokesman say they will not answer reporters’ questions about his “personal life.” The homosexual newspaper Washington Blade was told the same when it asked spokesman Kirk Fordham “point blank if Foley is gay.”

Most nonhomosexual newspapers did not pursue the story, but after Norman broke the ice with his column, the pressure grew on Foley, who is running for the seat vacated by Democratic presidential hopeful Bob Graham. (Foley has raised far more money for the Senate run than fellow GOP congressman Bill McCullum, who is also in the race.) Foley sought to go on the offensive by holding a conference call with reporters May 22. However, the call, in which Foley restated his refusal to discuss his “orientation,” only generated more press coverage.

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‘Gay Journalists’ Leader Attacks Pro-Family Book, ‘Marketing of Evil’

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Excerpted from ‘Gay Journalist’ Leader Attacks ‘Marketing of Evil’, published Sept 29, 2006, by WorldNet Daily:

The president of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association has come out swinging at “The Marketing of Evil” author David Kupelian, comparing those who oppose homosexuality on religious grounds with “white supremacists and other hate groups.”

In his latest “Message from the national president,” NLGJA’s national president Eric Hegedus discussed “homophobia” in news coverage – and in the process confirmed one of the many controversial assertions Kupelian made in “The Marketing of Evil.”

“In Chapter 1 of my book,” Kupelian said, “I reported how professional broadcast news journalists at a NLGJA event advocated that, when reporting on homosexual issues, journalists shouldn’t even bother to interview people holding to the traditional Judeo-Christian viewpoint. That is, rather than dignify the biblical viewpoint as worthy of inclusion by the press, it should be treated the same way the media treat the Ku Klux Klan.”

marketing-of-evil.jpg “Some people thought I was exaggerating,” said Kupelian. “Well, now the president of the organization is coming out and making it official: According to ‘gay’ members of the establishment press, when reporting on homosexuality journalists should just stop interviewing people like James Dobson or D. James Kennedy or any other traditionalist espousing a biblical perspective.”

Here’s what Hegedus wrote to NLGJA’s membership:

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And in April, Kupelian’s book was at the center of a national controversy when a Christian librarian at Ohio State University was formally investigated for “sexual harassment” just because he recommended the freshmen class be required to read “The Marketing of Evil.” The charges, instigated by two openly homosexual English professors, were dropped under threat of a lawsuit from the Alliance Defense Fund.

This Sunday, Kupelian will talk about “the marketing of homosexuality” on D. James Kennedy’s nationally broadcast television show, “The Coral Ridge Hour.” Kennedy, the world’s most-listened-to Presbyterian minister, is featuring Kupelian and “The Marketing of Evil” throughout September on the Sunday morning show. This week’s will be the last of four shows promoting the controversial best seller.

Agape Press: Commentary & News Briefs

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Published Sept 29, 2006:

…Pro-family groups are concerned that family-friendly corporations have recently contributed large sums of money to the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. According to reports, entities such as Fox News, Wal-Mart, and Sam’s Club were among the corporate sponsors of the NLGJA’s national convention — and that fact bothers many pro-family organizations. Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth says the homosexual journalists’ group is one of the most biased groups one can find. LaBarbera notes comments made by Eric Hegedus, national NLGJA president and an employee of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “He said that interviewing conservatives on stories about homosexuality is like going to white supremacists on stories about race,” says the Americans for Truth spokesman. “So, basically, he’s comparing pro-family conservatives to the KKK.” LaBarbera says the family-friendly corporations are bowing to pressure from homosexual activists — and that is not a good sign, he adds.

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Christian Psychologist Loses Job with Minneapolis Police over Pro-Family Group Membership

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Excerpted from Christian Psychologist Loses Job with Minneapolis Police over Pro-Family Group Membership, by John-Henry Westen, published Sept 29, 2006, by LifeSite News:

Christian psychologist Michael Campion, who was suspended (and then cleared) by the Minneapolis Police Department after city officials learned that he was once a board member of a pro-family group, has lost his job with the Department.

Campion was told Tuesday that his contract work screening police officers would no longer be required. His case has attracted nationwide attention from Christians and civil liberties advocates who see his suspension as evidence of blatant anti-Christian discrimination.

After being reinstated following his widely reported suspension, Campion said he was scheduled to do a “big batch of testing” of Minneapolis police officers. Then, according to Campion, the Department did a 180-degree turn and called to tell him that he would not be doing the testing after all. spoke with Matt Laibly a spokesman for the city of Minneapolis who admitted that Campion was initially suspended after city councilor Scott Benson asked for an inquiry into Campion’s membership in Illinois Familyi Institute (IFI). That suspension was lifted, says the city. However Campion has now lost his job.

The city is attempting to make it look like the loss of Campion’s job is not related to the incident. Laibly told, that Campion is no longer suspended but the city “is using a different vendor for screenings.” He added that the city is “working on a formal process for establishing a vendor and now putting together a request for proposals.”

When asked for clarification on whether or not Campion lost his job based on the accusation of membership in the pro-family group, Laibly said he could not comment. He did say however that the “city has always prided itself on being fair and tolerant.”

…IFI Policy & Media Advisor Peter LaBarbera said the Campion situation shows that there “there is a zero sum game between homosexual activism and freedom for people of faith who oppose homosexual behavior. The liberal ‘diversity’ lobby is going after Mike because of his deeply-held religious and moral beliefs. In fact, no homosexual police officers have come forward with charges of bias.

“They want Mike out because he is a committed Christian who does not share their ideology,” LaBarbera said. “How ironic that the forces of ‘tolerance’ are now leading a new assault on civil rights, this time against people of faith.”

Last year, Campion was fired as a psychological screener for policemen and firefighters for the City of Springfield, Illinois, following a liberal newspaper’s report of his ties to an “anti-choice and anti-gay” organization–Illinois Family Institute. Campion is now working with attorneys at the American Family Association to challenge his firing by the City of Springfield as discriminatory.

TAKE ACTION – Urge Police Chief Tim Dolan NOT to discriminate against Dr. Campion based on his religious and moral convictions.

Timothy Dolan
Interim Chief of Police
350 South 5th Street – Room 130
Minneapolis, MN 55415-1389
Phone: 612-673-3787
Fax: 673-2613

Oprah Exposes NAMBLA: Homosexual Pedophiles Online

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

One of the questions I have regarding any linkage between homosexuality and pedophilia is why such a disproportionate number of child molestation victims are boys—if (openly) homosexual men comprise such a small percentage of society? We doubt that Oprah Winfrey, who is very pro-“gay,” will pursue the answer to that question, but at least she is exposing the notorious group NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association), which once marched in homosexual “pride” parades in the early days of American “gay liberation.”

The following was excerpted from On the Web, Pedophiles Extend Their Reach, by Kirk Eichenwald, published Aug 21, 2006, by the New York Times. Mr. Eisenwald was a guest on today’s “Oprah” program, a detailed description of which may be found on her website. I hope you agree with me that the most outrageous element of this story is the pathetically paltry jail sentences these child molestors are receiving. (Personally, I’m open to the idea of castration as a penalty.) Hopefully, with the lobbying efforts of Oprah and thousands of others across the country, that will change. –Peter LaBarbera, AFT

In a chilling article, New York Times reporter Kirk Eichenwald explores the online world of pedophiles:

…Today, pedophiles go online to seek tips for getting near children — at camps, through foster care, at community gatherings and at countless other events. They swap stories about day-to-day encounters with minors. And they make use of technology to help take their arguments to others, like sharing online a printable booklet [“Straight Talk for Boys”] to be distributed to children that extols the benefits of sex with adults.

The community’s online infrastructure is surprisingly elaborate. There are Internet radio stations run by and for pedophiles; a putative charity that raised money to send Eastern European children to a camp where they were apparently visited by pedophiles; and an online jewelry company that markets pendants proclaiming the wearer as being sexually attracted to children, allowing anyone in the know to recognize them.

In this online community, pedophiles view themselves as the vanguard of a nascent movement seeking legalization of child pornography and the loosening of age-of-consent laws. They portray themselves as battling for children’s rights to engage in sex with adults, a fight they liken to the civil rights movement.

Mr Eichenwald reports that chat room visitors might discuss:

  • Sexual attraction and sexual relationships with their own children or their friends,
  • What a man might do to “prepare” an 8 year old girl for full intercourse,
  • Sharing fantasies about intercourse with infants,
  • The need to disguise pedophilia in order to qualify as a foster parent.

Oprah’s program featured a shocked former wife of NAMBLA member and convicted pedophile, “the smiling dentist” Todd Calvin; FBI Agent Robert Hamer, who infiltrated NAMBLA, resulting in eight convictions (including Todd Calvin); and Chris Hansen of Dateline, who works with a group called Perverted Justice to televise pedophile stings on NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” specials. Oprah’s website shows two pendants or charms – jewelry that designates a pedophile.

We encourage you to read about this program online or watch it online!

AFA Action Alert: Wal-Mart Sponsors Diversity Week

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

From our friends at American Family Association:

Wal-Mart has given its full endorsement to the homosexual agenda and homosexual marriage. Boise State University in Boise, Idaho, will observe LGBT Diversity Week October 9–13. One of the sponsors for the Diversity Week is Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart is joining the Pleasure Boutique (an adult bookstore which bills itself as “Idaho’s largest selection of adult movies and DVDs and largest adult toy selection in Idaho”) and other groups in sponsoring the week. Diversity Week is a week of celebrating homosexuality and promoting the homosexual agenda and homosexual marriage.

Among the events being sponsored by Wal-Mart is Idaho Votes No Campaign Update and Information Workshop. Voters in Idaho will be voting on a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage in November. This Wal-Mart sponsored event will inform voters how to oppose the amendment and how to get others to do so. Wal-Mart is putting their money behind the effort to legalize homosexual marriage.

Other events being sponsored by Wal-Mart: Gay History of Idaho, Diversity in the Workplace, Women’s/Lesbian Issues, Hate Based Crimes, Heterosexism, Homosexuality and Disabilities, LGBT Youth in Trouble, MCC-Faith and LGBT, and a youth dance for those age 24 and under.


  1. E-mail Wal-Mart or call 1-800-WAL-MART.
  2. Call or e-mail your local Wal-Mart manager with your concerns.
  3. Print out and distribute AFA’s Pass Along Sheet.

“Gay History Month” on Philly School Calendars

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Read Peter LaBarbera’s remarks about “Gay” History month in public schools HERE.

The following is excerpted from Gay History Month Sparks District Debate, by Susan Snyder, published Sept 28, 2006, in The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Gay and Lesbian History Month was added for the first time this year in an effort to be more inclusive and follow a long-standing district policy requiring equity for all races and minority groups, said Cecilia Cummings, the district’s senior vice president for communications and community relations. It is one of four special history months noted, along with Hispanic Heritage in September, African American in February, and Asian Pacific American in May.

Cummings said the district was not planning to roll out any districtwide curriculum or hold celebrations to coincide with the month, although individual schools with gay-straight alliances may have observances. The uproar in response to the calendar addition was not unexpected.

“We knew that this would be controversial,” Cummings said. “When you deal with diversity, there are some hot-button issues that emerge.”

…Cummings said that about 200,000 calendars had been sent … The publication is paid for by the district.

Continue reading in The Philadelphia Inquirer…

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