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CJ Doyle Slams Massachusetts ‘Gender X’ License Bill as ‘Deranged’

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

“Science, reason, common sense, natural law and a millennia of human experience all tell us that there are only two biological sexes.”

The following is a September 23, 2019 release from the pro-family group Catholic Action League of Massachusetts:

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts has been in the news opposing Gender X legislation, and on the League’s call to investigate the Marty Walsh administration for using the same tactics in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade takeover which, in the Boston Calling case, resulted in the conviction of two city officials for extortion.

The so-called “Gender X” bill, now before the Legislature, would allow mentally ill persons suffering from gender identity disorder to arbitrarily alter everything from their birth certificates to their drivers’ licences to their voter registration forms to reflect their gender preference.

In a September 12th interview with Bob Katzen of Beacon Hill Roll Call, Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle called the proposal “a deranged idea, recklessly embraced without regard for societal harm or unpredictable consequences.”

Doyle went on to say that “Science, reason, common sense, natural law and millennia of human experience all tell us that there are only two biological sexes. The very concept of gender identity is artificial, subjective and potentially open ended.” 

Doyle comments were published in The Enterprise of Falmouth, the Greenfield RecorderThe Somerville TimesThe Somerville Weekly News, the Taunton Daily GazetteWicked Local MedwayWicked Local Plainville, and Wicked Local Shrewsbury.

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