In Canada Lesbian Lovers Can Immigrate Far Easier than Normal Wives

Excerpted from In Canada Lesbian Lovers Can Immigrate Far Easier than Normal Wives, by John-Henry Westen, published Aug 21, 2006, by LifeSite News:

The Times of India reports that a lesbian in the Indian city of Ahmadabad has received permanent residency in Canada in less than six months. “Sexual preference helped a 29-year-old woman from the city secure a permanent resident (PR) visa to Canada,” says the report. “At a time when most wannabe immigrants are condemned to waiting endlessly for the coveted visa, the girl considers herself lucky to get the visa in less than six months.” The swiftness is all the more surprising since the woman’s purported lesbian lover only immigrated to Canada from the same city in India last year.

That news came as a shock to the Baklinski family who live in the Ottawa Valley in Ontario. Three brothers from the family married women from the United States after attending US colleges. However attaining permanent resident status for their wives has been a prolonged nightmare compared to the relative ease with which the lesbian from India immigrated.

Samantha Baklinski, originally from near Dallas in Texas, told that she first applied for permanent residence status in April 2004, a few months after marrying Joseph Baklinski, a Canadian citizen by birth. After several months she was informed that there were missing parts of her application but after careful review she and her husband found that it was in fact complete. They nevertheless applied again in February of this year but have still not heard back from Immigration Canada.

Over the course of the two years Samantha gave birth to a son and since she did not have her papers she was not covered under provincial medical insurance and the couple was forced to pay for the medical expenses out of pocket.

A similar situation took place with Veronica Baklinski, originally from Seattle Washington. Her husband Andrew Baklinski – a Canadian by birth – applied to be her sponsor for immigration in May 2001. However, Veronica did not receive a permanent residency till July 2003, just two weeks prior to her giving birth to her first child. The reason her application was problematic was due to the pregnancy since immigration required an x-ray which, given her pregnancy, was not possible.

Another Baklinski wife, Jenny Baklinski who hails originally from Butte, Montana filed for permanent residency this February. Given the problems her sisters-in-law experienced, Jenny filed her application through the office of her local politician so as to have the process expedited. However, Mrs. Baklinski informed that she and her husband Tim were informed that the immigration offices are currently processing applications from last November, and her delay in receiving her status would be affected accordingly.

Gwen Landolt, Vice President of Real Women Canada told that the situation was suspicious. “It seems lesbians and gays are getting priority,” said Landolt.

“Canada is becoming a repository for people in homosexual relationships,” she said, since we have an open door policy when it comes to immigration on these terms. Moreover, said Landolt, the system is wide open to abuse.

A former legal counsel for Immigration Canada, Landolt explained that homosexual activists fought a policy which required that common law couples had to be residing together for three years prior to their being considered spousal relations and thus allowed to apply for permanent residency in Canada on a spousal application. With that requirement out of the way, there is an easy loophole for fraudulent appeals for immigration.

To express concerns to Immigration Canada contact:
Immigration Minister Monte Solberg:

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