How Many Parents Can One Child Have?

Excerpted from Ontario Well on Way to Declaring More than Two Legal Parents for Children, by Hilary White, published Aug 31, 2006, by LifeSite News:

Once again the needs of children in Canada are being placed a distant second to the personal wants of Canadian gay activists. In response, the Alliance for Marriage and Family, a coalition of groups fighting the legislative and judicial attacks on the traditional family, has filed a brief in Ontario’s Court of Appeals in what is being called the ‘three parents case.’

The case involves two women in a lesbian relationship and a man who donated his sperm to create a child for them on the condition that he could have a part of the child’s life. The man in the case is married to another women and has other children. After the child was born, his mother’s lesbian partner demanded to be listed legally as his “second” mother in addition to his biological parents.

The case was rejected by a lower court that ruled Ontario’s family law recognized only two possible parents for each child, whether biologically or by adoption and so the court had no authority to make the declaration.

The woman appealed, claiming a special situation because she was in a same-sex relationship and such couples require assisted human reproduction.

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