Meeting in the Men’s Room


Excerpted from Meeting in the Men’s Room, by Joshua Sharp, published Sept 12, 2006, in Daily Trojan (University of Southern CA):

…Cruisers, facilities management employees, law enforcement officials and Web sites dedicated to cruising confirm that multiple bathrooms at USC are consistently used for cruising.

One cruising Web site lists 66 cruising locations in Los Angeles – including eight at USC.

“My wife and I have a pretty good sex life. ? I don’t identify as gay,” said the cruiser, who is married and has a child. He called cruising, which is a misdemeanor, “an adventure.”

Cruisers said bathrooms in Bovard Auditorium, Doheny Library, Taper Hall and the Student Union are all common spots for cruising and all have seen recent activity.

[Note from AFT: Later in the article, one “cruiser” says “he would never visit Bovard on Sundays because he is aware that families use the facilities for church services.“]

USC employees said sexual rendezvous have been taking place for years at Bovard, STU, Mudd Hall, Social Sciences Building, Von KleinSmid Center, Olin Hall, Waite Phillips Hall and Kaprielian Hall.

Janitors at UCLA said Royce Hall and Haines Hall are also popular cruising sites at the Bruin campus.

Law enforcement

Cruising is a misdemeanor and violates California Penal Code Section 647(d), which outlaws loitering in public bathrooms to solicit “lewd or lascivious or any unlawful act.”

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