Christian Psychologist Loses Job with Minneapolis Police over Pro-Family Group Membership

Excerpted from Christian Psychologist Loses Job with Minneapolis Police over Pro-Family Group Membership, by John-Henry Westen, published Sept 29, 2006, by LifeSite News:

Christian psychologist Michael Campion, who was suspended (and then cleared) by the Minneapolis Police Department after city officials learned that he was once a board member of a pro-family group, has lost his job with the Department.

Campion was told Tuesday that his contract work screening police officers would no longer be required. His case has attracted nationwide attention from Christians and civil liberties advocates who see his suspension as evidence of blatant anti-Christian discrimination.

After being reinstated following his widely reported suspension, Campion said he was scheduled to do a “big batch of testing” of Minneapolis police officers. Then, according to Campion, the Department did a 180-degree turn and called to tell him that he would not be doing the testing after all. spoke with Matt Laibly a spokesman for the city of Minneapolis who admitted that Campion was initially suspended after city councilor Scott Benson asked for an inquiry into Campion’s membership in Illinois Familyi Institute (IFI). That suspension was lifted, says the city. However Campion has now lost his job.

The city is attempting to make it look like the loss of Campion’s job is not related to the incident. Laibly told, that Campion is no longer suspended but the city “is using a different vendor for screenings.” He added that the city is “working on a formal process for establishing a vendor and now putting together a request for proposals.”

When asked for clarification on whether or not Campion lost his job based on the accusation of membership in the pro-family group, Laibly said he could not comment. He did say however that the “city has always prided itself on being fair and tolerant.”

…IFI Policy & Media Advisor Peter LaBarbera said the Campion situation shows that there “there is a zero sum game between homosexual activism and freedom for people of faith who oppose homosexual behavior. The liberal ‘diversity’ lobby is going after Mike because of his deeply-held religious and moral beliefs. In fact, no homosexual police officers have come forward with charges of bias.

“They want Mike out because he is a committed Christian who does not share their ideology,” LaBarbera said. “How ironic that the forces of ‘tolerance’ are now leading a new assault on civil rights, this time against people of faith.”

Last year, Campion was fired as a psychological screener for policemen and firefighters for the City of Springfield, Illinois, following a liberal newspaper’s report of his ties to an “anti-choice and anti-gay” organization–Illinois Family Institute. Campion is now working with attorneys at the American Family Association to challenge his firing by the City of Springfield as discriminatory.

TAKE ACTION – Urge Police Chief Tim Dolan NOT to discriminate against Dr. Campion based on his religious and moral convictions.

Timothy Dolan
Interim Chief of Police
350 South 5th Street – Room 130
Minneapolis, MN 55415-1389
Phone: 612-673-3787
Fax: 673-2613

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