Campion Case: Could Homosexual Activists Deliberately Cost You Your Job?

From the news brief entitled OutFront Minnesota Leads Effort to Investigate Police Psychologist, posted Aug 31, 2006, by OutFront Minnesota:

OutFront Minnesota would like our community to know about recent developments with a police psychologist who’s been suspended and is being investigated by the Minneapolis Police Department.

This suspension comes as the result of work that OutFront Minnesota is doing with the Minneapolis Police Community Relations Council (PCRC). OutFront Minnesota serves on the PCRC, along with other council members representing other traditionally marginalized communities. Law enforcement is also represented on the council. OutFront Minnesota, in addition to several other PCRC members and law enforcement personnel, raised significant concerns about Dr. Michael Campion, after meeting with him for the first time on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006…

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Followup – From the news brief entitled OutFront Minnesota Frustrated at Minneapolis Police Decision, posted Oct 3, 2006, by OutFront Minnesota:

…OutFront Minnesota is highly concerned about the use of a police psychological evaluator who has long standing ties to an anti-GLBT organization, as well his writings from the 1970’s advocating “conversation therapy” for GLBT people. During the Police Community Relations Council questioning of Dr. Campion, he gave no indication that he had renounced any of these beliefs and was, in our view, evasive in answering the questions…

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