Media Downplay New Jersey’s Gay Marriage Ruling as Election Day Approaches

Excerpted from Media Downplay New Jersey’s Gay Marriage Ruling as Election Day Approaches, by Robert Knight, published Oct , 2006, by Townhall:

bob-knight.jpgThe major media are soft-selling the New Jersey Supreme Court’s Wednesday decision ordering “gay marriage” or its equivalent, lest the ruling become a fire bell in the night for social conservatives two weeks before the election.

CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric gave the story 21 seconds, talking about “committed same-sex couples” over footage of a cute lesbian couple with cute children, and two distinguished-looking older men standing on a woodsy balcony. She even managed to throw in a bit of sympathetic verbiage about “committed same-sex couples”.

Important questions were left unasked: What gives the court the authority to order legislators to change the law? What if the legislators don’t do so? And, what about those recent court decisions upholding marriage laws in New York, California, Washington and Georgia?

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