“American Nuns” Promote Homosexuality

The National Coalition of American Nuns has issued an open letter encouraging “all Catholic citizens to vote their own consciences in the November elections.” Two of their seven points are supportive of homosexuality and same-sex “marriage” even though the Catholic church stands squarely against such.

4. We believe that citizens in committed relationships – whether marriages or civil unions – should retain all rights consonant with their state including, but not limited to, adoption of children, ownership of property, inheritance, health, and end-of-life decisions.

7. We pledge ourselves to initiate, invite, and support deepening actions on behalf of social justice, particularly as these impact women, racial/ethnic minorities, and gay or lesbian persons.

Catholic Citizens has posted a “heresy update” regarding this letter.

LifeSite News has published a related story entitled American Nuns’ Group Voter’s Guide Favours Abortion, Homosexuality.

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