Openly Homosexual Canadian Official Poses Nude

Excerpted from Public Nudity: Canadian Liberal Politicians and at Least One Supreme Court Justice, by John-Henry Westen, published Nov 1, 2006, by LifeSite News:

…This week, ironically anti-pornography week, Canadians were treated to the news that a high-ranking Liberal politician and at least one Supreme Court Justice have frolicked in public in the nude.

Liberal MP Scott Brison, a former Liberal Leadership candidate, has posed nude for a fundraising calendar. The openly homosexual MP who crossed the floor to the Liberals from the Conservatives, added to the move a crass joke. “I’m just trying to be a good member. I understand I’m not the only politician in the calendar, but they’re up for some stiff competition,” he told the press.

Defending his move, Brison cited Liberal Leadership front-runner Bob Rae, who was recently filmed skinny dipping for a gag with homosexual comedian Rick Mercer. Rae, the former Premier of Ontario and quite possibly a future Prime Minister of Canada, has his skinny dipping video littering the internet.

Yesterday, the Globe and Mail revealed that one of the nine Supreme Court Justices has apparently gone on a nude cruise…

It was after all seven of those nine justices who forced Canada to legalize swingers clubs. As a result of that decision they also caused severe damage to the legal concept of community standards on moral issues (Canadian Supreme Court’s “Swingers” Ruling Sets Dangerous Precedent, Says Organization).

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