And Now: “Trans” Cops

Excerpted from Houston Police Commended for Accommodating Trans Cop, by Eric Ervin, published Aug 11, 2006, by the pro-homosexuality Houston Voice:

…Frye said [Sgt. Jack/Julia] Oliver was issued a new police identification card presenting her as a woman.

(See article for photo.)

…Oliver, who is a 24-year veteran with [Houston Police Department], held a press conference in June at Frye’s law office and announced her plans to undergo sex-reassignment surgery. At the time, Oliver said she had been receiving female hormone treatment for four and a half months.

“I didn’t choose to do this, it’s just how I feel,” she said. “It’s a lot of stress to keep that (male) façade and that mask up.”

The police officer was once married and has five children who range in age from 18 to early 30s. The children have asked to be kept out of the media, and Oliver said she wants to respect their request.

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