Kidzworld Website Promotes Homosexuality to “Tweens” (Age 9-14)

Excerpted from Website Aimed at ‘Tweens’ Promotes Homosexuality, by Bob Unruh, published Dec 14, 2006, by WorldNet Daily:

A website that targets its messages to ‘tweens,’ which it identifies as those ages 9-14, is promoting homosexuality to those children because the idea of one-man-and-one-woman only is “so last century.”

The website [Kidzworld] also is lobbying children to oppose the policy by the Boy Scouts of America against allowing homosexuals to lead troops of young boys, and advocates for the “rights” of homosexuals to adopt children.

…The website’s agenda is unabashed throughout its messages to the children:

  • “Isn’t the most important issue to have two parents who love you? Does it really matter if a child as two mommies or two daddies?” it tells readers.
  • In reference to a Florida law banning homosexuals from adopting, it says, “Steve and Roger have done more than most straight people applying for adoption. They have proven their dedication, love and ability to provide a healthy and stable home for their kids. Florida should congratulate them not punish them with outdated laws and narrowminded ‘tudes!”
  • To “molly_holly,” who says her boyfriend is “gay” but “he likes me too,” the website responds: “What do you mean, he’s your boyfriend? Do ya mean he is your friend and he’s a boy? Or do ya mean he’s crushin’ on ya… like he’s your hottie? Cuz if this boy’s gay, I think you’re gonna have to get use to being his good friend. Sort of a Will and Grace set up. I hope you’re cool enough to not have any issues about his sexuality, cuz homophobia (the fear of gay peeps) is so last century.”
  • In a book review, it says: “The only difference is, this book is about Paul, a 16 year-old gay boy who has fallen in love with the new boy in town, Noah. It’s really cool to have a book that portrays something other than the cliché cheerleader/football player love story…”

Regarding the Boy Scouts, whose dispute went to the U.S. Supreme Court which ruled that as a private organization the scouts are allowed to set moral standards for their leaders, the site provided a link for children to complain to the scouts, and then noted “a lot of pressure” is being put on the scouts to change.

Then the site provided a link for other volunteering opportunities that connected with a promotion for World AIDS Day.

Kidzworld home page shows its games and entertainment attractions

The site’s privacy disclosure notes that when children age 12 and up sign up on the website, their parents are sent an e-mail notifying them, and for children younger than 12, their parents must respond to an e-mail before they can sign up. However, signing up is not required to view any of the information, only to participate in the chat rooms and other options.

And, none of the pro-homosexual comments was found on the first page, the location most parents who actually do inspect a site would be most likely to check out, either. They were found embedded in the site as a reader follows various links.

…I clicked on ‘make a baby’ – and got All About Gay Parents,” he wrote.

…”kizzy333,” age 13, also said, “I’m not gay but I really dislike homophobic peeps. If two peeps of the same sex are in love, what’s the harm in it? My mum’s friend is a lesbian and she hasn’t changed. She’s a really loving parent too. It’s da bomb!”

The site features advertising from HarperCollins Children’s Books, the Cheetah Girls and GameBoy products, among other children’s attractions.

The site, which says it has had 4.4 million unique visitors, explains it is “the ultimate in online entertainment for kids nine to 14 (a.k.a. Tweens.)” and allows that age group of children to “interact, communicate and explore the digital world” and where they can “play, discover, voice, gather and belong.”

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