Clinics Recruit Surrogates to Provide Kids for Gay Couples

From Clinics Recruit Surrogates to Provide Kids for Gay Couples, published Mar 20, 2007, by Citizenlink:

Several fertility clinics are recruiting surrogates to provide gay male couples with children.

Pamela Madsen of the American Fertility Clinic said her facility has catered to the homosexuality community for more than a year.

“We support all families,” she said, “all people who are interested in having families through birth and adoption.”

The average cost of surrogacy is $60,000. But it can get pricier for those who want to select the gender of their baby – which three-fourths of gay couples do. Carrie Gordon Earll, senior director of issue analysis for Focus on the Family Action, said it’s all about the green:

“This is no doubt there are folks who want to spend money to try and have a baby in this way.”

Ken Connor, president of the Center for a Just Society in Washington, D.C., said the services harm children.

“It really creates the false impression that children don’t need a mother and a father,” he told Family News in Focus. “We know from our experience that children are benefited by having both a mom and a dad.”

Even more disconcerting, the gay men who sign a contract for a healthy, male baby might be able to legally abort the child if it’s a girl, or thought to be unhealthy.

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