VIDEO: Good for Michael Voris – Leaves Homosexual Sin Behind – Earning ‘Gay’ Activist Ridicule

“If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.”–Jesus Christ, in the Gospel of John (15:18)

By Peter LaBarbera

It would be quite an understatement to say that defectors from homosexualism–especially those who choose God over ‘gayness’–are not treated well by LGBT activists. So when somebody like conservative Catholic advocate Michael Voris acknowledges publicly that he left homosexual behavior behind, you can count on bitter and snarky “gay” militants to ridicule him as a self-loathing homosexual overcompensating for his innate sexual urges. Throw in the anti-Christianity common among “gay” liberationists and the hatred gets pretty virulent, as you can see by reading the nasty comments following a story about Voris in the homosexual “Joe.My.God” blog.

Please watch this brave video by Voris–a man for whom I have great admiration–and read the transcribed excerpt and commentary that follow after the video and the jump:

Here is a partial transcription of the above, courtesy of the anti-Christian “Joe.My.God” perversion news blog:

I have never made a secret that my life prior to my reversion was extremely sinful. I have said many times — in public — that I was in a state of mortal sin, and had I died, I would have been damned. I also revealed these sins were of a sexual nature and that they occurred over a prolonged period of time. I did not reveal the specific nature or details of the sins, because when I returned home to the Church, I did not think that a full public confession of details was necessary in order to start proclaiming the great mercy of God. Perhaps that was a wrong assessment. I don’t seriously know. Perhaps along these years I should have been revealing of greater detail. That, I now think so, but more on that in a moment.

Whatever the matter, I will now reveal that for most of my years in my thirties, confused about my own sexuality, I lived a life of live-in relationships with homosexual men. From the outside, I lived the lifestyle and contributed to scandal in addition to the sexual sins. On the inside, I was deeply conflicted about all of it. In a large portion of my twenties, I also had frequent sexual liaisons with both adult men and adult women. These are the sins of my past life in this area which are all now publicly admitted and owned by me. That was before my reversion to the Faith.

I had great pain to overcome from childhood and my youth and instead of recommending myself to God in my youth, I gave in to the flesh and died spiritually. I shudder every time I think what would now be my lot had I died in a traffic accident or something. I gave up myself — my masculinity, my identity, my self-understanding, my own dignity as a baptized Catholic. As I have said publicly, without the details, I lived a horrible life and would be in Hell had I been killed before returning to the Faith.

Good for Michael Voris

Let me say this: good for Michael Voris, founder of, for overcoming the pull of sexual sin in his life and then having the guts to talk about it. As an evangelical Christian I may not agree with all of Voris’ theology, but I commend him for his courage and fortitude in never giving an inch to the Sin Lobby that calls itself “gay.” This guy is fearless in the fight against evil, yet he catches a lot of flak even in his own church.

Notice how homosexual activists root against sexual purity and healthy change rather than celebrate a man’s transition toward righteousness. Their values are completely upside-down: cheering when a man or woman openly embraces an identity based on homosexual behavior (an egregious sin), yet castigating those like Voris or Joseph Sciambra who have overome same-sex sin patterns with God’s miraculous help. How pathetic that “gay” blogger Andy Towle calls Voris’ video “very sad” when in fact it testifies to a humbled sinner’s godly transformation; read Towle’s “very sad” comments here.

Voris has the guts to take on the Homosexual Lobby in the Catholic Church–and for that he is well hated. I say that as someone who occasionally has been judged by Christians as harshly as I’m judged by LGBT advocates. As a non-Catholic looking in–and one who has many Catholic friends in the pro-family movement–I know that Voris is despised or at least dismissed by the go-along “nice Catholics” who hate the idea of directly confronting the powerful LGBTQueer sin lobby. This despite the immense suffering and damage that secret homosexualism and its toleration has caused in that church. (The same phenomenon is creeping into evangelicalism.)

Changing behavior; not “who you are”

Homosexual activists have a great deal invested in the notion that people are inherently homosexual (“gay” or “lesbian”). This helps them rationalize their own same-sex sin because, according to their rationalization, they have no moral control over their ‘sexuality’ (read: attractions). It’s “who they are,” as the self-serving LGBTQ mantra goes.

You might observe that other sexual sinners could adopt the same exculpatory approach–say, adulterers (“Sorry honey, I’m non-monogamous; it’s just who I am”). In fact, professional perverts like “gay” sex-advice columnist Dan Savage are working hard to legitimize “non-monogamy”; “spreading the sin around” also helps to rationalize one’s own immoral embrace. But even in our debased culture, the homosexuals seem to be the only ones able to pull this excuse off–perhaps due to the “queerness” (otherness) of homosexuality itself.

So it’s easy to understand why homosexualists committed to their Big Lie of inherent gayness trash the likes of Voris, but you hate to see it happen to such a steadfast warrior nonetheless.

Fight on, Michael. You have helped give many others courage! — @Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

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