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Free Speech Is Dead in Canada: The Persecution of Christian Activist Bill Whatcott

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019
Canadian pro-family activist Bill Whatcott created a phony “gay” group–“Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association”–so he could march in the 2016 Toronto LGBTQ “Pride” parade, and pass out gospel tracts disguised as condoms. Note the completely nude men standing at left next to the group (genitals covered). Whatcott said hundreds of people marched similarly, nude, at the parade. Homosexual activists responded to the stunt by suing Whatcott to the tune of $104 million, and the State charged him with a “hate crime.” To donate to Bill Whatcott and help him defend against the varied pro-LGBTQ legal assaults against him, go to his GoGetFunding page.


By Amy Contrada, first published January 14, 2019 by American Thinker

In the past year, I witnessed two frightening assaults on free speech by a kangaroo “justice” system.  This wasn’t in some banana republic, North Korea, or China; it was in Canada.  These were gut-wrenching experiences for me.

These stories from Canada are potent warnings to the U.S.

If Congress and more states pass anti-discrimination “equality” laws giving special protection to LGBTQ identities, “hate speech” prosecutions and compelled speech will surely follow.

There can be no doubt of that, given the LGBT-driven lawsuits we have already seen against florists, bakers, and wedding photographers.  The Civil Rights Commission of Colorado has tried to compel speech from Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop.  We’re seeing numerous battles over bathroom use and forced use of silly pronouns in our mediacolleges, and public schools.  The EEOCalready interprets Title VII (employment) to protect employees from “sexual orientation” discrimination.

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