LaBarbera to Leave IFI to Re-launch Americans for Truth as a Group Devoted Solely to Countering ‘Gay’ Movement

PeterNaperville, Illinois–Peter LaBarbera, the founder of Americans for Truth, has resigned from Illinois Family Institute to assume full-time duties re-launching AFT as a national organization devoted solely to confronting the homosexual activist agenda.

“I am delighted that soon I will be able to devote my full time and energies to Americans for Truth and its goal of educating citizens on the threat that the powerful and well-funded ‘GLBT’ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) movement poses to children, marriage and freedom,” said LaBarbera, who will be staying on at IFI for several weeks leading up to the November election to help with the transition.

“Homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual groups spend tens of millions of dollars every year to market and normalize their aberrant lifestyles, yet after all these years there is not a single, serious national group dedicated specifically to exposing and countering their agendas,” he said.

“It’s time for Americans to unapologetically resist the demands of this lobby, and to counter the lies upon which it is built-the foremost being that certain people are inherently or ‘born’ homosexual and that this is a civil rights issue.”

Americans for Truth, which is based in Naperville, Illinois, outside of Chicago, was formed in 1996 but has been dormant for years. Under the reorganization plan, a team of volunteer leader-activists will be working with AFT across the country, including:

Matt Barber, AFT Corporate Outreach Director, Colorado; Barber gained national attention when he was fired by Allstate Insurance Company after writing an online article critical of “gay marriage”;

Mike Heath, executive director of the Christian Civic League of Maine; Heath is a veteran pro-family activist who twice led a successful grassroots effort to overturn a “sexual orientation” law in Maine;

Sonja Dalton, AFT Research Analyst, Illinois;

Donna Miller, AFT Southern Coordinator, North Carolina

Allyson Smith, AFT Researcher/Writer, California

“AFT’s goal is to become a leading resource for Americans seeking to confront the homosexual agenda. We will operate in a spirit of love and truth commanded by God, who is holy and yet gracious and compassionate,” LaBarbera said.

“The reality we face is that the same ‘gay’ movement that has reached unparalleled power and influence also aims to redefine traditional Judeo-Christian sexual mores as ‘hatred,’ ‘bigotry,’ and ‘phobic’ prejudice on a par with racism,” he said. “Most Americans are simply unaware of the tremendous threat to freedom and morality that this radical ideology poses to society and especially to committed people of faith.”

LaBarbera said that AFT will affirm the truth: homosexual behavior is always wrong and yet it is changeable as evinced by the thousands of former ‘gay’ men and lesbians who have overcome homosexual desires and are now living contented lives across the nation.

“I sincerely believe that nobody has to be ‘gay,'” he said.

Americans for Truth will publish regular informational e-mails (a weekly digest version will also be available). To sign up for these free publications, please click HERE. AFT can be reached at 630-717-7631 or by e-mail. Regular mail and donations can be sent to:

Americans for Truth
P.O. Box 5522
Naperville, IL 60567-5522

Please stay tuned for further information about the new Americans for Truth.

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