Anti-Gay Group Sets Up Organization In Suburbs

From Chicago CBS Channel 2:

Naperville Will Be Base For “Americans for Truth

(STNG) NAPERVILLE, Ill. The executive director of a well-known anti-gay group is leaving the organization to start up a new group that will be based in Naperville.

Illinois Family Institute said its executive director, Peter LaBarbera, was resigning to pursue his goal of creating a national organization dedicated to confronting the “homosexual activist agenda.”

LaBarbera, 44, who joined the institute in September 2003, is recognized as a leading opponent of the gay movement. Under his tenure, the group’s visibility and grassroots network grew tremendously, the institute said in a statement. In the weeks leading up to the November election, he will stay on at IFI as an advisor to help with the transition. LaBarbera‘s new group, Americans for Truth, will be based in Naperville.

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