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…Wal-Mart’s recent decision to partner with the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and to begin talks with homosexual activist groups about extending domestic-partnership benefits to its employees (see related AdAge article) has prompted several pro-family leaders and groups to express disappointment and heap criticism on the retail giant.

…And Americans for Truth Founder Peter LaBarbera says he is “very surprised” that this corporation, which has enjoyed broad support from Middle American customers with traditional values “would now bite the hand that feeds it and thumb its nose at those very customers.” LaBarbera says the retailer’s “unsavory alliance” with extremist homosexual activists “risks entirely alienating the vast majority of its customer base.”

Meanwhile, Matt Barber, Corporate Outreach Director for Americans for Truth, calls Wal-Mart’s partnership with the NGLCC “a real shame.” Barber says consumers who value traditional marriage and biblical values need to take note of Wal-Mart’s support lately for radical groups and policies that “seek to destroy the time-honored institutions of marriage and family” and that try to “silence proponents of traditional family values.”

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