Tragedy Hits Another Party Hosted by Flamboyant Count

Excerpted from Tragedy Hits Another Party Hosted by Flamboyant Count, by Ben Taylor and Olinka Koster, published Aug 24, 2006, in Daily Mail:

A man has plunged to his death from a riotous gay party in the penthouse flat of a German aristocrat.

The victim, in his 30s, fell 60ft from the roof garden of the Chelsea home of openly homosexual Count Gottfried Alexander von Bismarck.

Twenty years ago, the count was at the centre of a scandal over the squalid death of a Cabinet member’s daughter.

He was the ringleader of a ‘poor little rich set’ and hosted the notorious Oxford party at which Olivia Channon – daughter of Trade Secretary Paul Channon – died of a heroin overdose.

Tragedy returned to haunt 43-year- old von Bismarck after he hosted another hedonistic party – described by police sources as a “riotous all-night gay bash.”

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Excerpted from Man Dies After Gay Sex Party At Aristocrat’s Home, published Oct 5, 2006, by Associated Press:

Anthony Casey, 38, fell 18 metres from a roof terrace at Count Gottfried von Bismarck’s London apartment Aug. 23 London police concluded that the death was an accident and four people at the party, including Bismarck, have been told they will not face charges.

Dr. Paul Knapman, presiding in Westminster Coroner’s Court, said one room of the apartment contained a “bizarre” assortment of items including a large rubber tarpaulin on the floor, towels, lubricants, bottles of vodka, buckets of sex toys and a TV set up to show pornography.

“In common parlance, in the early hours of the morning, there was a gay orgy going on,” Knapman said.

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