SF Catholic Adoption Agency Allies with Pro-GLBT “Family Builders”

Excerpted from Catholic Agency Finds Way Out of Adoption Ban, by Elizabeth Fernandez, published Aug 27, 2006, in The San Francisco Chronicle:

…Next month, the collaboration formally begins between Catholic Charities CYO and California Kids Connection, a statewide adoption exchange run by the Oakland-based nonprofit Family Builders by Adoption. The two agencies will work in conjunction with the state Department of Social Services, which oversees about 82,000 foster children.

“Many, many more children will now find permanent homes,” said Jill Jacobs, executive director of Family Builders. “When Catholic Charities first approached us, I was very hesitant. My organization has a long history of serving the gay, lesbian and transgender community. It was really ironic — I had to make sure that our integrity and values were not compromised.”

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