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..A pro-family advocate believes Americans are losing their “tolerance” of the “gay” activist agenda.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth says it looks like most U.S. citizens are getting “fed up” with the push for special rights for homosexuals, and “are more frustrated than ever with the homosexual agenda.” He says one can hardly turn on the TV news or a sitcom, or even open a magazine without having “this very obnoxious agenda sort of shoved in your face. So, in that sense, people are upset.”

But LaBarbera believes many people feel powerless to do anything about this agenda since it has such strong forces supporting it.

“The media is practically an arm of the gay movement right now,” the Americans for Truth spokesman contends. “Hollywood, of course, promotes homosexuality,” he says, “and gay activist groups have tens of millions of dollars at their disposal to promote the homosexual issue.”

Nevertheless, LaBarbera insists, the current state of things cannot go on forever; he expects a backlash eventually to rise against the pro-homosexual movement. [Bill Fancher]

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