Log Cabin Republicans: Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee a Strong Ally

Excerpted from Log Cabin Congratulates Senator Chafee for Winning GOP Senate Primary, Sept 13, 2006, press release from the pro-homosexuality Log Cabin Republicans:

Senator Chafee is one of Log Cabin’s strongest allies in the Senate. In addition to twice voting against the anti-family Federal Marriage Amendment, he has supported the hate crimes bill, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), and the Permanent Partners Immigration Act.

Log Cabin supported Chafee’s campaign through the LCR-PAC and through member donations from across the country. Log Cabin joined mainstream GOP groups, Republican Party leaders, and many GOP Senators in working to help Chafee win this primary. “Log Cabin will do everything possible to help Senator Chafee win his election in November,” said Sammon.

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