Defending Morality Is Not “Hate”

This letter was submitted to the Naperville Sun in response to Arlene Hudson’s letter (published Sept 3, 2006) and was printed on Sept 20, 2006:

I find it odd when people use intolerant words to lecture others about “hate” and intolerance. Arlene Hudson did just that in her judgmental attack against me and Americans for Truth (“Anti-gay campaign causes pain, shame,” Sept. 3).

First of all, I too am a Naperville resident, and I agree with Ms. Hudson that this city is peaceful, loving and family oriented. In the true spirit of tolerance, she should resist the temptation to demonize defenders of historic Judeo-Christian morality as “haters.”

Jesus did say, “Love one another,” and the way He loved people was not to condone their sin but to offer redemption–such as when he protected the adulteress from being stoned, forgave her sins and then told her, “Go and sin no more.” Americans for Truth recognizes that homosexuality is wrong, and that Christianity should never be used to authenticate conduct opposed by our Creator. Having personally met more than 100 former homosexuals, I know that God can help people overcome same-sex temptations. Homosexuality is not inborn, and it need not be permanent in a person’s life.

By smearing advocates of traditional Judeo-Christian morality as “hateful,” homosexual activists pronounce an earthly judgment that contradicts the revealed wisdom of God. This clever ploy threatens to victimize Christians and others who uphold traditional sexual mores. We do not want America to follow Canada , where laws against “sexual orientation discrimination” are intimidating pastors and people of faith into silence or, worse, forcing moral-minded citizens to approve of immoral behavior or face expensive litigation. One Toronto Christian printer who refused a print job for a homosexual group was fined $5,000 and has spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees just to clear his good name.

Naperville can handle real diversity, but free citizens must never be forced to sanction wrong and harmful behavior. Please visit our website at before rushing to judgment.

Peter LaBarbera

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