Colorado “Domestic Partner” Ballot Measure Threatens to Undermine Pro-Marriage Momentum

A test of principle…A ballot victory in Colorado for government recognition of “domestic partners” would be a devastating loss for family forces–even if Colorado’s marriage protection amendment passes, as it surely will (none has ever lost, even in “blue” states like Oregon).

Marriage alone deserves special government recognition. Awarding marriage-type benefits to non-married couples, either heterosexual or homosexual, undermines this core institution, and respect for (real) marriage itself. Surely this strategy of going for “gay marriage lite” will be replicated in other states. All eyes should be on the Rocky Mountain State.–Peter LaBarbera

Excerpted from Colorado Ballot Offers Two Choices on Gay Marriage, by Kevin Simpson, published Sept 14, 2006, by The Denver Post:

Colorado’s ballot in November will be the first in the country to offer voters two distinct options on gay marriage: Amendment 43, which would prohibit gay marriage, and Referendum I, which would grant domestic partners certain rights and responsibilities…

Coloradans could pass either, neither or even both measures, thereby banning same-sex marriage but allowing couples certain legal rights.

Coloradans are clear in their stand on marriage, said Jim Pfaff, a policy analyst for Focus on the Family, which has supported Amendment 43.

But he suspects that the domestic-partnership referendum may cloud voters’ views.

“It’s obvious to people that marriage is between one man and one woman,” Pfaff said. “Confusion comes in when people try to think about benefits. Every person says, ‘Yeah, we need to be fair.’ What they don’t realize is that those (domestic partner) benefits are available.”

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