Coming To A High School Near You

Excerpted from Coming To A High School Near You, by Amber Wojcik, published Sept 16, 2005, by Orthodoxy Today:

[Speaking of The Laramie Project, a play based on the murder of Matthew Shepherd]

…So here we go again. More tolerance, acceptance, and diversity -­ the holy writ of modern, post-Christian America. If Ms. Staplin is so keen on teaching her students “diversity and acceptance”, then how about a play about the life and beliefs of Columbine student Cassie Bernall who was shot for saying she believed in God? Her murderers weren’t particularly tolerant either.

The truth is that The Laramie Project is not really about diversity and acceptance. It’s about normalizing the homosexual lifestyle. The more kids hear about homosexuality (as if they aren’t sexualized enough these days), the more normal it seems. The gay lobby knows this. That’s why there is such a relentess public relations push for gay rights in all areas of public life…

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