“Gay History Month” on Philly School Calendars

Read Peter LaBarbera’s remarks about “Gay” History month in public schools HERE.

The following is excerpted from Gay History Month Sparks District Debate, by Susan Snyder, published Sept 28, 2006, in The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Gay and Lesbian History Month was added for the first time this year in an effort to be more inclusive and follow a long-standing district policy requiring equity for all races and minority groups, said Cecilia Cummings, the district’s senior vice president for communications and community relations. It is one of four special history months noted, along with Hispanic Heritage in September, African American in February, and Asian Pacific American in May.

Cummings said the district was not planning to roll out any districtwide curriculum or hold celebrations to coincide with the month, although individual schools with gay-straight alliances may have observances. The uproar in response to the calendar addition was not unexpected.

“We knew that this would be controversial,” Cummings said. “When you deal with diversity, there are some hot-button issues that emerge.”

…Cummings said that about 200,000 calendars had been sent … The publication is paid for by the district.

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