Philadelphia School District Dubs October ‘Gay & Lesbian History Month’

Excerpted from Philadelphia School District Slates ‘Gay & Lesbian History Month’ for Oct., by Michael Foust, published Sept 28, 2006, by Baptist Press:

…”This shows the whole problem with gay activism and so-called gay rights,” Peter LaBarbera, president of the conservative group Americans for Truth, told Baptist Press. “If you promote so-called homosexual rights, by definition you have to undermine people’s religious rights and religious beliefs.

“If you have a gay history month, you’re basically saying, ‘This is a wonderful part of American history — homosexual history — let’s celebrate it and let’s teach the kids that this is like civil rights. Are they going to teach the role that homosexual behavior had in the onset of HIV and AIDS? Is that going to be part of the history?

LaBarbera, though, said there is no comparison between homosexuality and race.

“The schools are equating homosexuality with racial tolerance,” LaBarbera said. “Obviously, racial tolerance is accepted by 99.99 percent of Americans. But there’s a huge cultural divide on the issue of homosexuality, and the school district here is mimicking gay activists’ platitudes in response to this. There’s no respect for people who oppose homosexual behavior.

“They’re promoting one side of the issue to vulnerable and impressionable children. This is all about celebrating homosexuality, and there’s no consideration given for people from traditional faith households.”

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