Push Comes to Shove – Peter LaBarbera Responds

This post entitled Push Comes to Shove was posted Sept 28, 2006, on Independent Gay Forum by Stephen H Miller:

…Opposition to same-sex marriage is based on a visceral reaction, characterized by gut emotion rather than reason. Which is why changing minds requires persistent appeals to the heart as well as the head. Either that, or training for fisticuffs…

Peter LaBarbera responded:

Stephen, making political points by generalizations cuts both ways…
The fact is, there is a cultural debate going on, and there are extremist wackos on both sides of that debate. Your side has its share, as I’m sure you know–and I would contend that “gay” intolerance (refusal to respectfully “tolerate” dissenting views) is on the rise as “gay” power grows.

Regarding the debate, both sides employ reason and emotion, albeit from opposing worldviews…

And posed the question:

…FACT: people are losing their jobs or getting disciplined for defending traditional sexual mores or criticizing homosexuality–e.g., Matt Barber, who was fired by Allstate for writing an online article criticizing “gay marriage.” Do you defend this?

One IGF reader applauded Christians being fired:

Yes, I defend it. People are fired on the spot if they oppose rights for blacks or other minorites in the workplace. So why should blatant homophobia be allowed?

A lengthy exchange between Peter LaBarbera and IGF readers follows –

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