Christian Prosecuted Despite Absent Accuser

Excerpted from Activist Claims Pro-Homosexual Chicago Is Unfairly Prosecuting Him, by Allie Martin, published Sept 29, 2006, by Agape Press:

…Earlier this year, Repent America president Michael Marcavage was arrested by Chicago police as he stood on a public sidewalk, holding a sign supporting traditional marriage at the city’s 2006 Gay Games. Last month, Marcavage returned to Chicago for a court hearing but learned that the complaining witness did not show up.

Instead of dropping the case, the prosecutor said the case would be pursued based on the testimony of the arresting officer. However, the Christian activist says the arresting officer who appeared at the hearing was not the one who made the arrest.

To Marcavage, it appears the city has a clear agenda. “Chicago is obviously known for its promotion of homosexuality,” he says. “We already have a civil case that was filed against the city, and we have uncovered various things in doing investigations about the city, [such as] the mayor’s promotion of homosexuality, of course.”

The City of Chicago is pushing forward in the case against him, Marcavage says, even though the primary witness apparently cannot be located. The next hearing in the matter is set for October 4.

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