San Diego City Councilman Blocks Public Display of Photos from “Gay Pride” Parade

Excerpted from Sept 28, 2006, post on The James Hartline Report:

…San Diego City Councilman [Scott Peters] has refused to allow a group of Christian activists to present photographic documentation of children being exposed to sexual obscenities during a July, 2006 San Diego Gay Pride parade and festival.

…On July 25, 2006, it was Councilman Peters, along with lesbian Councilwoman Toni Atkins, who helped pass a city resolution declaring San Diego Gay Pride Week in the city. Peters and Atkins, along with Atkins’ lesbian sex partner Jennifer LeSar, rode together in that parade. During a Sept 12th Council meeting, Hartline and a team of thirty Christians attempted to show photographs of the parade that Peters participated in, but Peters proceeded to censor many of the photos and even attempted to block Hartline from speaking to the council on the issue altogether.

…You can watch the war of words that ensued between Councilman Peters and Christian activist James Hartline during the San Diego City Council meeting when Hartline attempted to present the Gay Pride Parade Photographs…

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The city council video clearly shows Councilman Scott Peters telling Hartline, “I can’t allow you to put those pictures on television.” The pictures in question were taken at the San Diego Gay Pride Parade in which Councilman Peters not only issued a proclamation to honor, but personally rode in the parade along with fellow Councilwoman Toni Atkins. Additionally, sixteen different law enforcement agencies, as well as the Mayor of San Diego, were in the parade where the pictures were taken.

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