“God is not pleased”: “Family News in Focus” Story on Philly “Gay History Month”

Excerpted from Philly Schools Celebrate Gay History Month, by Steve Jordahl, published Oct 3, 2006, by Family News in Focus:

Alberta Wilson of Faith First Educational Assistance Corporation had a parent show her an elementary-level phonics-card that’s being used in the district.

“They’re teaching three syllable words – the word fam-i-ly. And on those phonics cards they have a mom and a dad, an elderly grandparent and grandfather raising children, and then they have two men and two women. They are teaching our young children that this is acceptable and that they should tolerate it. It is an outrage, it’s against God, and God is not pleased.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth is warning that the organizations that are pushing this agenda have a “give and inch, take a mile” mentality.

“The homosexual agenda always advances incrementally and so they start out by putting it on the calendar and then there’ll be pressure to say, ‘hey, we have to teach gay history just like we teach African-American history.’”…

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This story is also posted at Focus on the Family’s Citizen Link website.

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