Andrew Sullivan Says It’s Our Fault–We MADE Foley Do It

By Peter LaBarbera

(Published Oct 9, 2006, in Post Chronicle)

Note the excerpt below from homosexual writer Andrew Sullivan, from his October 2nd blog post entitled The Vatican and the RNC.

If the Foley incident is not about pedophilia, it is also not, it seems to me, about homosexuality. It’s fundamentally about the closet. The closet is so psychologically destructive it often produces pathological behavior. When you compartmentalize your life, you sometimes act out in one compartment in ways that you would never condone in another one. Think Clinton-Lewinsky, in a heterosexual context. But closeted gay men are particularly vulnerable to this kind of thing. Your psyche is so split by decades of lies and deceptions and euphemisms that integrity and mental health suffer. No one should excuse Foley’s creepy interactions; they are inexcusable, as is the alleged cover-up (although we shouldn’t jump to conclusions yet about who knew what when). But there’s a reason gay men in homophobic institutions behave in self-destructive ways.

Or think of it another way: what do the Vatican and the RNC have in common? Here’s one potential list: entrenched homophobia, psychologically damaged closet cases, inappropriate behavior toward teens and minors … and cover-ups designed entirely to retain power. The parallels are looking a little creepy. And the source is the same.

After decades of cultivating a victim mentality ad nauseam, homosexual advocates are reduced to this argument: Foley’s predatory behavior was, ultimately, OUR fault. Society (read: Bible-believing Christians and churches) is to blame. Once again the circular logic of what I call “gay fundamentalism” is exposed: whatever deviance, whatever threats to health, children and morality–all is laid at the door of “homophobic” society because of the “shame” we cause “gays” by not celebrating or at least not accepting their lifestyle choice. How convenient for them.

The truth is Mark Foley, like the rest of us, is a sinner in need of a Savior. As fallen human beings, our hearts are bent toward sin. God spoke through the prophet Jeremiah: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jer. 17:9, KJV) It’s tough to own up to that truth: each of our hearts is so bent toward “wickedness” (now there’s a word you don’t hear very often) that we can’t even know our own potential for self-deception!

If Foley was molested as a youth as his lawyer states, then he joins the legion of sexually victimized men and women who have gone on to perpetuate their abuse, as adults, on others. But Foley, like all people caught up in the modern cult of homosexuality, IS responsible for his behavior before God. (Besides, why would it follow that his natural “orientation” is “gay” if a major contributing cause to his current state of sexual confusion is that he was abused as a teenager?)

Repressed homosexuality (the “closet”) did not put those male congressional pages at risk; active, practicing (albeit furtive) homosexuality did. Pederasty – sexual “relationships” between adult men and adolescent boys – is as old as the ancient Greeks, and to this day homosexual men pursue sex with teenage boys. In the early days of “gay liberation,” they callously called these boys “chicken.” Yet somehow the media and professional talkers are behaving as if this current scandal has nothing to do with homosexuality.

Anything to perpetuate the ruse that homosexuality is a “civil right,” not a moral (and, thankfully, changeable) wrong. The great news for Mark Foley is that he doesn’t have to be “gay.”

Fact is, the recent history of modern homosexual activism (as apart from all homosexual people) is replete with demonstrations of reckless disregard for the innocence and safety of youth. Worst of all is the practice of pro-“gay” authority figures telling teenage boys, even preteens, that they are “gay” without informing them of the immense risks of the lifestyle – risks that could lop decades off their lifespan. The infamous GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network “Fistgate” episode in Boston in which adult homosexuals instructed teens in how to practice a gross perversion. The top homosexual lobbyist in Massachusetts’ state house, William Conley, 59, was recently busted for soliciting sex from a UMass student. I could go on and on.

If conservative groups behaved like “gay” organizations, we’d be out of business. Lambda Legal, the nation’s largest homosexual legal group, publishes a “Little Black Book” to help men cruising for “public sex” with other men to evade jail time. (Of course, Lambda won’t tell the guys: “Just don’t do it.”) I was present at a GLSEN conference in 2000 in which teenage attendees were given a Chicago gay “Visitor’s Companion” advertising local homosexual sex clubs, porn sites and leather bars. Imagine if the Family Research Council were to hold a youth summit and pass out salacious tourist guides rife with porn ads: their own followers would be outraged and heads would roll. Yet the media rarely hold “gay” groups accountable.

No, Andrew. It’s not “homophobia” but homosexual behavior itself that is immoral, destructive, unhealthy–and yes, often “pathological,” to quote your post. And it should be kept as far away from children, of any age, as possible.

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