Foley Scandal Raises Doubts about GOP’s Flirtation with Pro-Homosexual Policies


CHICAGO, Illinois–The scandal of disgraced homosexual pederast and former Rep. Mark Foley illustrates the dangers of the GOP’s growing flirtation with pro-homosexual policies, said Americans For Truth President Peter LaBarbera.

“For years, we have seen some Republican Party leaders drift in a pro-homosexual direction,” LaBarbera said. “Their rationale is winning the votes of ‘moderate’ swing voters, but they forget that there is a price to pay among values voters when you abandon principle on a core moral issue.

“Top Republican leaders knew about Foley’s homosexuality and his reckless behavior with underage boys, yet they did not act,” he said. “How long were they prepared to keep this dirty secret from the public? Is winning elections now more important to Republicans than protecting children? Is it more important than letting constituents know about a Representative’s immoral conduct, which of course influences his votes (Foley had a pro-“gay” record)?

Meanwhile, noting that the homosexual Log Cabin Republicans quickly erased a photo of Mark Foley from their website,” LaBarbera said. “Too bad Foley’s teenaged victims and their parents won’t be able to erase the effects of his twisted behavior from their minds so easily.”

He said it is telling that most of the tiny number of “outed” or openly homosexual male Congressmen have been caught in sex scandals:

  • Rep. Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts), who let his male lover run a prostitution ring out of his D.C. apartment;
  • Retired Massachusetts Rep. Gerry Studds (D), who had sex with a 17-year-old boy and then turned his back on fellow House Members during the censure vote against him. The defiant Studds even put the boy forward at a press conference to announce that their “relationship” was “consensual”;
  • Bob Bauman (R-Maryland), who in 1980 was charged with soliciting a 16-year-old boy for sex.

“Three homosexual Congressmen have been involved in sexual seductions of minor boys, yet ‘gay’ activists ridicule anyone who suggests there is a predatory component to male homosexuality,” LaBarbera said.

Noting the re-elections of Democrats Studds and Frank after their sex scandals, he added, “Maybe Foley could make a comeback if he moves to Massachusetts and runs as a Democrat.”

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