Same-Sex “Marriage” Harms Children’s Rights

Excerpted from “Same Sex Marriage Harms Children’s Rights” Marriage Symposium Hears, published Sept 21, 2006, by LifeSite News:

Louis DeSerres, co-founder of Preserve Marriage – Protect Children’s Rights, addressed the issue of harm to children’s rights resulting from same-sex marriage at symposium on marriage held at Brigham Young University Law School last week. The ‘What’s The Harm? How Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Will Harm Society, Families, Adults, Children and Marriage’ symposium was jointly sponsored by The Marriage and Family Law Project at Brigham University Law School and The Marriage Law Project at the Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law. The symposium was held on September 15-16, 2006.

Louis DeSerresDeSerres asked if there is a more natural and self evident birth right for a child than to have a mother and a father. More specifically, while nature creates every child with two biological parents, same-sex marriage leads to the creation of fatherless and motherless children, taking away one of the child’s natural parents.

…Man-woman marriage provides the child with many benefits, said DeSerres enumerating fourteen such benefits which are all lost with same-sex marriage.

Some of the harms caused by same sex ‘marriage’ are irreversible, suggested DeSerres. “Unfortunately, the harm is permanent as no legal authority can bring back the missing biological parent of a child born from an anonymous sperm donor or a surrogate mother. Only prevention can protect children’s rights to a father and a mother.”

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