‘Gay’ Agenda Gets FIVE Days of Promotion in Mass. High School

Excerpted from North PC Agenda Intact, by Tom Mountain, published Oct 4 ,2006, by Newton Tab:

…The issue of homosexuality has been the primary focus of the On-Campus Enrichment Program [at Newton North] for at least the past several years… There is no logical reason why the school chooses to focus on this topic. North is like any other high school in the state in that there is not, and never has been, a significant number of students claiming to be gay. And the North administration knows that.

It’s reasonable to speculate that there are probably more gay staff at North than there are gay students, with a handful of that staff pushing this agenda on the entire school population.

At Newton North there are no less than five days devoted to all things gay.

  • To Be GLAD Day (Transgender, Bisexual, Gay Lesbian Awareness Day). This is an ongoing North tradition where the school brings in such eminent lecturers as a coach who boasted to the students that he fell in love with his sister’s husband (Jerry Springer calling?), and then there’s the former male North student who decided to become a woman, and of course, those enlightening never before revealed tidbits such as… “famous homosexuals/bisexuals” (Eleanor Roosevelt), and those “famous gender benders” Joan of Arc and – I kid you not – Bugs Bunny.
  • World AIDS Day. This disease is a major problem in the gay community, many Newton educators are gay, therefore it is a major part of the Enrichment Program at North. Past lecturer’s included a man who claimed he got AIDS as an altar boy when he was raped by a Catholic priest … in 1977, well before the onset of AIDS in America. This lecture also served a dual purpose of bashing the Catholic Church among a large group of teenagers, many of whom were Catholic.
  • The Day of Silence. Students are actively encouraged to stay silent all day, even to their teachers, in order to highlight the oppression of gays. The number of students participating in this is unknown, but noticeable at the school, since the role of these students and their faculty advisors is to get noticed. And lest they be ignored by too many people there is a follow-up day called…
  • The Day of Action. Here these same students and their faculty advisers try to preach to whoever will listen about how awful society is towards gays like them. They generally have the run of the school that day, since anyone who dares to tell them to sit down and shut up would likely be suspended.
  • Human Rights Day. This, like the No Place for Hate campaign, focuses primarily on the oppression of gays. For reasons of diversity, they may also delve into the oppression of Palestinians or Guantanomo Bay prisoners, maybe even Sudanese refugees in Darfur, especially if they can document the oppression of gay Sudanese.
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