Peter LaBarbera: Democrats Embrace Studds and Franks, but Condemn Republican Leadership?

Excerpted from ‘Big Three’ TV Networks Charged with Piling On in Reporting on Foley Scandal, by Jody Brown and Bill Fancher, published October 13, 2006, by Agape Press:

A conservative media watchdog group is reporting that its research exposes the mainstream media’s biased treatment of sex scandals among lawmakers in Congress…

Conservative spokesmen Gary Bauer and Peter LaBarbera evidently agree with Bozell’s assessment…

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth asserts that some Democrats are being hypocritical when they are expressing outrage about the Foley matter. LaBarbera says they “turned their backs” several years ago when the homosexual lover of Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) was allegedly running a male prostitute ring out of Frank’s own apartment in Washington, DC. Despite that, Franks has been elected to 13 terms in the House, notes LaBarbera.

“Then there’s [Democratic Congressman] Gerry Studds who consorted with a [17-year-old] boy [in the 1970s] … and when the House voted to censure him [in 1983], Representative Studds turned his back on the House, defiant against them,” says LaBarbera. Studds was elected five times after the censure.

In LaBarbera’s opinion, Democrats have set the example for looking the other way when it comes to homosexual-related scandals among their own members. For that reason, he feels they have no right to accuse Republicans of turning a blind eye to the Foley situation.

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