How Many Republican Leaders Have Homosexuals in Key Roles?

Excerpted from Foley Case Upsets Tough Balance of Capitol Hill’s Gay Republicans, by Mark Leibovich, published Oct 8, 2006, in The New York Times:

  • Brian Bennett, a gay Republican political consultant…was a longtime chief of staff to former Representative Robert K. Dornan, Republican of California, who regularly referred to gays as Sodomites.
  • Kirk Fordham, Mr. Foley’s onetime chief of staff … resigned Wednesday as an aide to Representative Thomas M. Reynolds, Republican of New York…After leaving Mr. Foley’s office in 2004, he worked as finance director for the campaign of Senator Mel Martinez, Republican of Florida.
  • Jeff Trandahl [was] formerly the clerk of the House of Representatives, a powerful post with oversight of hundreds of staffers and the page program.
  • Robert Traynham, the top communications aide to Senator Rick Santorum, Republican of Pennsylvania… had been openly gay for years, but that was not widely known in his professional life — until a gay rights advocate revealed his sexual orientation last year. Mr. Traynham confirmed the report, and Mr. Santorum issued a statement in support of his aide.
  • Tracey St. Pierre…was chief of staff for former Representative Charles T. Canady, Republican of Florida.

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