Letter to Wal-Mart CEO: Listen to Traditional America

A letter from Texas pro-family advocate Donna Garner to Lee Scott, CEO of Wal-mart.
To contact Mr. Scott yourself, click HERE.

Dear Mr. Scott,

My husband and I have been very committed to boycotting Wal-Mart because of its support of the homosexual agenda; but now that you have decided not “to support or oppose controversial issues,” we can happily go back to our wonderful Hewitt Wal-Mart and shop TODAY! We are excited because it has been a great sacrifice for us financially and time-wise to have to drive a long distance to go to other stores.

You have done the wise thing in making the decision to stop perpetuating the harmful and unhealthy homosexual lifestyle. We feel assured that you will live up to your commitment to American Family Association. If for some reason in the future you should decide to support the homosexual agenda once again, you can be assured that we will redouble our efforts to boycott Wal-Mart with even more commitment.

Thank you for listening to the traditional families of America who love our country and want to see it filled with healthy and whole families.


Donna and Wayne Garner
Hewitt, TX

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