Controversy Over Frank Kameny Papers

Excerpted from Historic Controversy: Anti-gay Activist Launches Campaign Against Kameny’s Acceptance at Library of Congress, by Yusef Najafi, published Nov 30, 2006, by the pro-homosexuality Metro Weekly:

If Peter LaBarbera had his way, there would be a caution sign next to all of Franklin Edward Kameny’s 70,000 artifacts documenting the gay rights movement for the past 50 years, recently archived at the Library of Congress.

LaBarbera, founder of the anti-gay organization Americans for Truth (AFT), even suggests some language for such a sign: “Frank Kameny is a radical who uses hateful rhetoric against his foes.

…”We’re concerned that only one side of Frank Kameny is presented,” LaBarbera says. ”Kameny doesn’t belong in the category of ‘Civil Rights Heroes.’ He can be a very harsh activist. When you write a bunch of Christians and you say, ‘Gay is good, gay is godly, you are neither,’ it’s sort of an in-your-face approach and I want to make sure that is not white-washed in this presentation.”

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