Newsweek Tells Evangelicals to Bring the Troops Home

Excerpted from In Culture War, Newsweek Tells Evangelicals – Bring the Troops Home, by Don Feder, published Nov 23, 2006, by GrasstopsUSA:

…Even if evangelicals are prepared to leave politics alone, politics won’t leave them alone.

The left is on a mission against God. It correctly perceives Christianity (more broadly, the Judeo-Christian ethic) as the principal obstacle to the attainment of its utopian vision. Thus, it is determined to stigmatize, marginalize and ghettoize Christians — to increasingly circumscribe their influence and to confine their values to a designated building on a chosen day of the week.

The left has declared war on Christians. Even if evangelicals laid down their arms, the fighting would continue. Besides 1.3 million abortions a year in this country, and the relentless push for gay marriage (mandated by an imperial judiciary) the left is:

  • Sexualizing children (including those from Christian families) in the guise of sex education — teaching teen-aged girls to put condoms on bananas and offering how-to training on acts the average prostitute would refuse to perform
  • Teaching kids (starting in kindergarten) that homosexuality is a normal, healthy and perfectly acceptable lifestyle. Try it; you’ll like it.
  • Distributing condoms to adolescents
  • Working to ensure that 14-year-old girls can get an abortion without the knowledge — let alone the consent — of their parents
  • Pushing taxpayer-funded embryonic stem-cell research — cloning-to-kill
  • Moving toward assisted suicide and euthanasia
  • Fighting any attempt to counter the torrent of filth and graphic violence pouring out of Hollywood to inundate the nation in visual sewage
  • Using the news and entertainment media to demonize Christians — hence movies like “V for Vendetta,” “Saved” and “The DaVinci Code” — ergo smears like talk-show host Rosie O’Donnell’s recent charge that “Radical (Bible-believing) Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like the United States.”
  • Passing hate crimes laws which will criminalize speech — especially speech that’s critical of homosexuality
  • Getting Christian groups thrown off college campuses because they’re “non-inclusive” — i.e., won’t allow homosexuals in leadership positions
  • Laboring diligently to keep our borders open and pass another amnesty — thus facilitating new waves of illegal immigration with the ultimate goal of deconstructing America
  • Purging the public sector of religious manifestations, including banning stand-alone Ten Commandments displays and removing “One nation under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Working to adopt an anti-terrorism policy which will consist of sensitivity training, multiculturalism and inculcating an appreciation for the religion of peace.
  • Assuring the eventual destruction of Israel with a Palestinian state
  • Undermining democracy. Replacing popular sovereignty with judicial autocracy — making elections irrelevant. Having civilizational issues like the definition of marriage decided by unelected officials, answerable to no one — a law (pardon the pun) unto themselves.

A November 17th Associated Press story (“Liberals Aim To Ram Measures Past Congress”) is coming attractions for a horror movie of epic proportions — “Nightmare On Capitol Hill”.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council summed it up nicely in a National Review piece, “Anticipate the fiercest assault of our time against abstinence, marriage, life, good judges and religious freedom.”

Is this a fight evangelical Christians want to abandon? Is it a fight they can afford to abandon?

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