FBI Sends Man-Boy Love Association Member to Prison

From Man-Boy Love Association Member Stung By FBI, by Matt O’Connor, published Aug 21, 2006, by Chicago Tribune:

A flight attendant from Chicago…David C. Mayer, 51, was about to board a boat to Mexico when he was arrested last year. He and six others snared in the FBI investigation thought they were traveling to a bed-and-breakfast that provided boys for their sexual pleasure, authorities charged.

A federal judge in San Diego sentenced Mayer to 37 months in prison on Aug. 11.

Mayer had pleaded guilty to the sex offense on the condition he be allowed to appeal the judge’s refusal to dismiss the charge on 1st Amendment grounds.

The defense alleged the government had over-reached after an undercover FBI agent infiltrated the North American Man/Boy Love Association, or NAMBLA, secretly tape-recording discussions at annual conventions in 2003 and 2004.

Within half an hour of meeting the FBI agent at the 2004 convention, Mayer expressed frustration at the group’s political agenda, authorities said. The organization, formed in 1978, is dedicated to eliminating age-of-consent laws.

Mayer wanted advice on traveling abroad to have sex with young boys, according to court records.

“I don’t know who’s lying to who or if … they’re lying to themselves and saying, ‘This is all political. This is all to change society,'” Mayer said of conference organizers in the tape-recorded conversation. “[Expletive], it’s like, bring on the boys.”

A spokeswoman for American Airlines confirmed that Mayer, formerly of the 1200 block of North Sandburg Terrace, had worked for the airline for almost 20 years until his arrest last year.

Mayer was also a licensed clinical social worker until late 2003, according to state regulatory authorities, but he had never been the subject of disciplinary action.

In a telephone interview last week, Robert Hamer, the undercover FBI agent, said he joined NAMBLA in 2001 for a $35 fee while investigating sex tourism in Thailand.

Over the next two years, Hamer won the trust of the group’s leaders, writing Christmas cards to incarcerated members and authoring stories for a NAMBLA publication on chemical castration and the unfairness of laws allowing charges against sex offenders decades after alleged crimes.

Hamer, who retired from the FBI in January, said this was his most personally challenging undercover assignment in a 26-year career. In more than 20 undercover roles, he played everything from a contract killer for the mob to an international arms dealer.

But posing as a pedophile “thoroughly disgusted me,” he said. “I had taken on an alter ego antithetical to everything I believed to be right and moral.”

In fall 2003, Hamer attended the invitation-only NAMBLA convention in New York City, secretly tape-recording his conversations but being careful not to ask too many questions for fear of drawing suspicion.

At an early session, the leader asked the 30 men in attendance to identify themselves and explain why they had come to the convention.

When his turn came, Hamer feigned to be overcome by emotion, breaking down and crying as he recounted his fears of being arrested when the group encountered police officers while walking in Manhattan.

The ploy won him sympathy, said Hamer, who, as he had in numerous other undercover roles, pretended to be disabled, using a crutch and walking with a limp.

Hamer said the disability made it appear less likely that he was an undercover agent and provided an excuse for his frequent absences.

He said he would tell the group he needed to take medication when in fact he was replacing cassettes in his tape recorder.

A year later, at the Miami convention, Hamer said he became more aggressive in his conversations in an effort to draw out discussions of criminal activities.

Two days after the convention, Mayer e-mailed Hamer about Web sites for hotels in Costa Rica and elsewhere that catered to homosexuals, according to court records.

By the next month, Hamer promoted the trip to the Mexican bed-and-breakfast, a ruse set up by the FBI.

“The whole thing sounds fabulous, almost too good to be true,” authorities said Mayer replied in an e-mail.

Shortly after Christmas, Hamer received Mayer’s $620 payment for the trip.

In February 2005, a day after Mayer and two co-defendants had flown to San Diego, they were arrested as they were about to board a boat they believed to be headed for trysts with boys in Mexico. Four others were arrested in Los Angeles.

“These are ministers, special-education teachers, a dentist, professional people,” Hamer said of those arrested. “They’re your next-door neighbor, your kid’s coach.”

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