Homosexual Rapist at Large in Houston

Excerpted from Police Say Men Were Targets of Rape Spree, by Cindy Horswell, published Dec 16, 2006, by Houston Chronicle:

rapist.jpgThe serial rapist-robber began his attacks in east Harris County in April and his assaults have occurred every 30 to 60 days.

But what makes this case so unusual is that women are not the target. So far the five victims have all been young, white males in their late teens or early 20s, mostly students still living at their parents’ homes…

They believe he carefully selects, then stalks each victim.

“He does his homework and has everything well planned out,” Clifford said. “Most of the time victims are totally unaware that this guy was anywhere around.”

…About 3 percent of American men have been victims of sexual assault or an attempted sexual assault, according to a 1998 study cited on the National Sexual Assault Hotline Web site. One in 10 rape victims are male, according to the Web site, citing the National Crime Victimization study of 2003.

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