Homosexual “Marriage” Will Divest the Institution of Its “Sexist Trappings”

“[E]nlarging the concept to embrace same-sex couples
would necessarily transform it into something new….

Extending the right to marry to gay people
— that is, abolishing the traditional gender requirements of marriage —
can be one of the means, perhaps the principal one,
through which the institution divests itself
of the sexist trappings of the past.”


— Homosexual activist Tom Stoddard of Lambda Legal

quoted in Roberta Achtenberg, et al,
Approaching 2000: Meeting the Challenges to San Francisco’s Families
The Final Report of the Mayor’s Task Force on Family Policy,
City and County of San Francisco, published June 13, 1990 (page 1)

(cited by Robert Knight at Talking Points on Marriage)

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